Planter Guides By Industry

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Learn How You Can Target These Industries With Our Planters

Landscape Planters

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Looking for landscaping customers? Learn why offering Vietnam CDM landscape planters can help you target bigger and better projects from residential to commercial!

Cafe Planters

Low planters
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Learn how to supply cafe planters to the hospitality industry and what design trends and arrangments have the biggest results and help transform your customer’s business!

Restaurant Planters

pPlanters outside restaurant
©Lionfish Restaurant

Learn what materials, trends, and styles matter to restaurants when choosing restaurant planters, and make sure you supply the best to this lucrative industry.

Office Planters

planters in an office
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Office planters help to improve employees’ concentration, productivity, and happiness. Learn how to level up an office with plants and world-class planters.

Hardscape Planters

Planters in a restaurant area
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Hardscape planters are the perfect combination to give a landscape and properties a lift in both design and functionality. Customers range from malls to governments!

Public Space Planters

fiberglass planters on sidewalk
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Outdoor planters in public spaces have health benefits for the community, ecosystem, and environment. Learn what planters city planners actually want, and what the public need.

Resort Planters

planters outside bedroom
©The Gates

If you’re looking for resort customers, there’s no better way than with our planters. If you’re unsure where to start when sourcing commercial-quality planters, Vietnam CDM has you covered!

Custom Planters

This rooftop uses our Montroy Cube Planter
©Reveal Design

Our custom planters are made from the finest planter materials available and designed to your needs. Learn more about the ODM and OEM opportunities we offer.

Residential Planters

Hardscape planters
©301 Ocean / Jay Scotts

Whether you’re a developer, architect, or supplier, read this guide to the residential market and learn how to inspire your customers to invest in planters!

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