Expert Guide To Residential Planters + 5 Ideas On How To Use These Plant Pots!

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Close your eyes for a second and picture a home – What do you see? A bed? A living room? A family gathered around a fireplace? These are all common images one might have when first considering the components that make up a home. But what about plants? What about greenery? Though you may not initially consider plants, pots, and planters as being that crucial to enhancing the look and feel of a home, their presence makes the world of difference.

So, if you are a property developer or a supplier of landscape and interior products for residential homes, this guide is for you. We’ll take a hard look at what homeowners want from their planters, and some exciting ways we can use planters that you or your customer might not have thought of! Read this guide and inspire your customers to invest in planters!

All You Need To Know About Residential Planters & Plant Pots

What Are They?

To start with a loose description, residential plant pots and planters are containers you fill with plants to introduce a more natural look to a house or apartment. The keywords there are house and apartment, as, essentially, you can use pots and planters anywhere you like. For the sake of this post, we’ll focus on those used in residential spaces.

This might mean using a pot indoors by a living room couch, home office desk, or bed. On the other hand, it can also mean using a pot in an outdoor space such as a garden, patio, or porch! The shape, size, and material of such a planter should allow for a wide selection of options.

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Why Are They Important?

Let’s talk about residential planters and why they’re so valuable!

As a wholesale company hoping to increase sales and develop long-lasting relationships with customers, the importance of stocking indoor planters and outdoor planters cannot be understated. Just think of all the health benefits! According to a 2015 study, regular interaction with indoor plants can reduce stress. This means that by understanding pots and planters and how they can be used in residential spaces, you’re providing customers with a means to beautify both their homes and spirits – How’s that for a sales pitch?!

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Planters Increase Home Value

While we touched upon the stress-reducing effect of green foliage, it’s not just the psychological functions that prove plants are valuable to homes.

The market size of the U.S. landscaping industry was $128.8 billion in 2022. By 2025, those numbers are predicted to grow annually by 5.6%! For a wholesale company, this means that tapping into this industry is a safe bet into ensuring real market stability. Plants, pots, and planters are rooted in the well-being of our psyche and will continue to grow in importance in the future. Don’t get left behind!

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5 Ideas For Using Plant Pots In Residential Spaces

So you’re in charge of finding customers for your property development company. The best way we found to lock in that big customer? Inspire them with what’s possible with planters! Let’s look at a few ways our planters can be used by houses, apartments, and other residential spaces to add value to the property and the inhabitants!

1. Indoor Planters Brighten Up Rooms!

Nowadays, many people favor an interior design that is focused on creating a modern, nuanced ambiance in a residential space.

A far cry from the idea of a rustic farmhouse feel that uses materials like wood and ceramic, the emphasis here is on monotone decor and color that pays homage to minimalism.

While this style is popular, it’s important to keep in mind not to go too far in one direction – This is where plants, pots, and planters come in handy!

Using indoor planters is a great way to bring the garden inside and breathe life into an otherwise drab space.

Take our 69626 Bullet Planter for example, with a sleek aesthetic designed to soften hard corners, the 69626 Planter is one of our most popular planters for homes.

Modern planters made out of the planter material fiberglass are the perfect pots to keep in line with the overall design scheme and still maintain a smart and sophisticated appearance.

Want to know why our fiberglass materials are the best? Read about our materials here!

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2. Can Plant Pots Separate Rooms, Gardens, And Landscapes?

Forget about boring, traditional doors – Did you know that a planter can separate rooms and any outdoor space?

Wholesale distributors will be glad to know this creative solution exists, giving them a reason to stock multiple sizes of planters in their inventory. But how exactly does it work? While this might initially sound tricky, it’s not.

To begin, simply consider the layout of a floor or landscape and what opportunities there are – an outdoor living room. or how about a home office? Now imagine, rather than suggesting customers use a door or fence to divide the space between those areas, why not offer a selection of planters instead?

Montroy Black Planter
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What makes plant pots great for this is that they create a more airy feel indoors and outside, whilst allowing for the growth of plants like flowers, succulents, herbs, and with enough light, even trees!

Why not try the forever-trustworthy Cube Planter for this? This square planter will easily sit flush together or can be used separated, making it the perfect pot for carving out new spaces!

3. Green Walls

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Hanging planters are one of the most underutilized and underappreciated pots out there. No planter is better at providing an immediate wow effect and introducing a sense of natural greenery to the outdoor spaces of a residential area. Just imagine a garden of green spilling from a hanging planter, putting the great in the term, the great outdoors.

As outdoor planters, you can essentially use hanging planters anywhere along a residence. A popular spot is to have them along windows as window boxes, but don’t be confined to this suggestion! How about on either side of the front door? Or along the pillars that make up a wood patio? For railings, how about low planters like our Railing Planter?

Due to their size, homeowners are better off with a small plant inside these pots, but just because they’re small, doesn’t mean they won’t reach the same design goals as their larger counterparts.

As a final tip, ensure your containers come with drainage holes for simple plant maintenance.

Unsure what material works well for outdoor planters? Read about why fiberglass planters are perfect for outdoor use here!

4. Create Privacy With Plant Pots!

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Creating privacy with plant pots is when form and function come together. There’s nothing worse than having an outdoor space that ticks all the boxes except for the fact that there’s no privacy, meaning, no matter how comfortable the area is, you really just can’t relax!

Wholesalers that understand this can provide all manner of shapes, sizes, and styles of planters to ensure customers don’t have to worry – They’ll be lazing away in their private garden oasis in no time!

The most important factor to consider when choosing a planter collection to offer to create privacy is to pick one that is the right material and has various shapes, and sizes. These three aspects make the world of a difference in determining whether the planter can actually be used outdoors.

For one, the material is essential because having a pot outside means it needs to withstand the weather and temperature conditions that come along with it. Material like wood or ceramic isn’t the best choice because it can break down when exposed to the sun or rain. Shape and size make a difference for the simple fact that if a pot is too small or weirdly shaped, you’ll be sacrificing its potential for creating privacy – Shop wisely!

Rectangular planters are a great choice for fulfilling this goal. Many of our customers use our Tall rectangular planters for this exact reason!

5. Play With Color!

Our last décor idea for a residential planter is to start playing with color. This idea is fit for both indoor and outdoor planters, and all you really have to consider as a wholesale distributor is how you can inspire customers to let their creativity fly – Don’t be constrained to just black & white!

What if a customer wants to introduce bright oranges and yellows to a child’s bedroom? Or adorn an outdoor pool with a royal blue trio of planters? Having the ability to paint your own panters gives your customers the palette they’re looking for, meaning you’re helping them fulfill their wildest dreams!

Luckily for distributors of our planters, all our planters come with a coat of gray primer that’s weather resistant and designed to allow additional painting later with a perfect finish every time. If you cannot paint your own planters, get in touch with our distributors who can help!

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Round planters are a fun shape that can mix well with colors that pop like this 69225 Oval Planter!

Vietnam CDM Has All Your Residential Planter Needs!

Now you have some ideas of what to do with a residential planter, how about taking a look at all Vietnam CDM has to offer? As one of the leading wholesale manufacturers of fiberglass planters, we have all the knowledge, experience, and manufacturing capabilities to provide you and your customers with quality fiberglass planters!

From wholesale planters to custom-made designs, there’s a planter for every project. On top of this, our 3-year warranty guarantees you can rest assured that you’re getting the quality your customers deserve!

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