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Creative Design Manufacturing is a Vietnamese Fiberglass Planter Manufacturer managed with a balance of best practices from the East and West. Our Western General Director has extensive experience managing complex operations with the highest attention to QUALITY, and equally  important, delivering world class customer SERVICE with a laser focus on timely production.

What began as a small research and development workshop, in a single location, is now a manufacturing powerhouse specializing in hand made fiberglass planters powering some of the best known brands in the World. With two factories employing skilled engineers, fiberglass craftsman, artisans and support personnel, in our new state of the art manufacturing facilities, Creative Design Manufacturing continues to produce the finest quality handmade planters in the marketplace today.

As a leading wholesale manufacturer of high quality, durable and stylish fiberglass commercial planters and site furnishings, our clients include developers, landscape architects, designers, retailers, wholesale distributors, shopping malls, architects, the tourism industry, commercial enterprises, airports, educational and nonprofit institutions and many others. Our exclusive line of fiberglass plant planter products includes large scale commercial planters offering various sizes and shapes of traditional, transitional and modern contemporary planter designs which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications to enhance any commercial or residential space.

Our fiberglass planters may be found in the most high-end upscale establishments in the United States nationwide as well as internationally. In addition to our standard fiberglass planter line we offer custom manufacturing capabilities that can transform your design from concept to a finished product.

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Our company chose to do business in Vietnam to take advantage of better quality manufacturing versus lower quality products sourced from other developing countries. Vietnam’s strategic location, and easy access to various ports in Asia, along with the dynamic, happy and energetic people and work environment made it the ideal choice to develop the Creative Design Fiberglass manufacturing operations.

Vietnam’s culture has developed over the centuries from indigenous ancient Đông Sơn culture with wet rice agriculture as its economic base. Some elements of the national culture have Chinese origins, drawing on elements of Confucianism and Taoism in its traditional political system and philosophy. Vietnamese society is structured around làng (ancestral villages); all Vietnamese mark a common ancestral anniversary on the tenth day of the third lunar month.The influences of immigrant peoples – such as the Cantonese, Hakka, Hokkien and Hainan cultures– can also be seen, while the national religion of Buddhism is strongly entwined with popular culture. In recent centuries, the influences of Western cultures, most notably France and the United States, have become evident in Vietnam.

The traditional focuses of Vietnamese culture are humanity (nhân nghĩa) and harmony (hòa); family and community values are highly regarded. Vietnam reveres a number of key cultural symbols, such as the Vietnamese dragon, which is derived from crocodile and snake imagery; Vietnam’s National Father, Lạc Long Quân, is depicted as a holy dragon. The lạc – a holy bird representing Vietnam’s National Mother, Âu Cơ – is another prominent symbol, while turtle and horse images are also revered.

In the modern era, the cultural life of Vietnam has been deeply influenced by government-controlled media and cultural programs. For many decades, foreign cultural influences – especially those of Western origin – were shunned. However, since the 1990s, Vietnam has seen a greater exposure to Southeast Asian, European and American culture and media resulting in rich human resources that enable Creative Design Manufacturing to deliver World Class products on a consistent and timely basis.

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