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Vietnam CDM Helps You Supply Hardscape Planters To Residential And Commercial Developers

Hardscape planters are the perfect combination to give a landscape and plants a lift in both landscape design and functionality resulting in higher-value properties. And with Vietnam CDM‘s planters, we ensure you deliver the best long-lasting and beautiful planter solutions for your project.

Let’s dive right into hardscape planters!

Planters in a restaurant area
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What Is Hardscaping?

Hardscaping refers to all the nonplant design elements of a yard, deck, house, garden, shop, or any environment and landscape. In other words, all the paved walkways, walls, patios, fences, lawn ornaments, and rocks are what make up an area’s hardscape.

Hardscaping is considered one of the best ways to create a natural and inviting outdoor space, especially when combined with Vietnam CDMs fiberglass planters. They are also used to add a sense of design, order, and style to any outdoor space.

Usually made of stone, concrete, wood, metal, or other hard material, hardscaping features can add a decorative but functional touch to outdoor spaces and help to organize the landscape or garden with defined areas for plant life.

Who Uses Hardscape Design Elements?

Hardscaping is used by landscape architects and developers in a number of different projects. Their customers usually want to add value or functionality to both residential and commercial spaces.


Our planters are used to enhance to the architecture of residential buildings and make the property more valuable. ©301 Ocean /  Jay Scotts

The deck, porch, driveway, or garden of a home can be improved with a hardscape design. Creating room for gardening, plant displays, or organized entertainment areas is the goal of such a hardscaping project.


planters on sidewalk
Our planters help soften the hardscape of commercial properties making them more inviting whilst providing form and function. ©Jay Scotts

Landscapers are often contracted by resorts, shopping malls, and even airports to increase the value, beauty, and functionality of commercial space with the end goal of creating more foot traffic, awareness, and time spent in such places by customers and guests.

Public Spaces

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Hardscape planters and other features are used by city planners and developers to create beautiful landscape designs in public spaces. These customers require long-lasting and professional-looking planters for their projects such as the planters that Vietnam CDM manufacture and supply.

What Are The Best Hardscaping Features And Styles And How Do Planters Make Them Better?

There are many hardscaping designs, but what are the most popular kinds? Check out the following 7 styles for some hardscaping inspiration!

1. Retaining walls provide support to help prevent the earth from falling down. They can be used to create raised garden beds, terraces, and seating areas, and they blend in well with most garden landscapes.

Hardscaping planters can act as retaining walls, create vertical levels in the landscape, and be used for plantings and gardening at the same time making more effective use of the hardscape.

2. Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are a great way to add ambiance to your outdoor living space, especially in seasons like Spring and Autumn.

Hardscape planters work well to define and enclose these areas and create more privacy.

3. Water features such as fountains, ponds, swimming pools, and waterfalls can add a tranquil element to the yard or garden.

Made from fiberglass, our hardscape planters are perfect to use around such water features as they do not suffer from water damage, even when exposed to chemicals found in pools.

4. Patios are a fantastic outdoor entertainment space, and they add a touch of class whether in wood or stone, the two most common materials.

Hardscape and patio planters are used in such projects to add privacy and greenery without the mess created by open flower beds. Patio planters may be sleek in design to take up less space on the patio.

5. Pavers are affordable and durable. Concrete pavers can be molded into stylish designs that can be used to make driveways, pathways, or easy-access gardening spaces.

Hardscape planters are often used to frame these navigational areas and can grow vegetables, succulents, herbs, and flowers depending on the desired function, making gardening much more accessible.

6. Landscape lighting is a must-have for any outdoor space. This can highlight your favorite features and extend the use of the client’s yard into the night hours.

Hardscape planters with under-lighting can be used to highlight the botanical design of its plant and showcase the landscape you have created. This is especially effective in commercial settings, resorts, and public spaces.

rectangular planters on a patio
Our rectangular planters help to create privacy on patios. ©Zola Properties / Jay Scotts
Our chemical and UV-resistant planters are perfect for outdoor use, especially near pools. ©Penthouse Pool Club / UA Companies / Jay Scotts
planters in an office
Our planters are used to soften office hardscapes. ©Interior Plant Scapes of Ft Myers /Jay Scotts
planters in a hotel lobby
Our planters are used to decorate resorts and impress guests.
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Our planters neatly arrange plants in a container that is built to last. ©Jay Scotts / Lasting Greenery

Why You Should Consider Hardscape Planters

Hardscape planters
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Hardscaping is a great way to create a natural extension of any property. Blending style and functionality using hardscape planters can give the following benefits:

  • Enhancing the function and beauty of outdoor living spaces can increase property values and developers can charge more money for these project add-ons. Round planters can add value to small spaces by using vertical space for decor and visual interest.
  • Low rectangular planters used to frame simple pathways or paving offer a relatively low-cost and low-maintenance way to significantly improve the visual interest of entranceways and encourage more footfall in commercial properties.
  • Lush plants and bright greenery in extra wide rectangular planters with other hardscape features like fire pits and water features create the wow factor that many high-end clients desire.
  • Replacing or covering hardscaping elements like fences with planters can create more green areas for your client’s property and make more effective use of small spaces for gardening and leisure. Use our tall planters for these applications.
  • Hardscape planters such as our 69729 narrow rectangular planter can carve out an additional entertainment and relaxation area in your client’s property and can create a private environment on the deck, patio, or garden. With more perceived usable space, clients are more likely to pay more for their home or commercial space.

What Are The Best Materials For Hardscaping And Can They Be Used For Planters?

Let’s take a look at the most popular materials for hardscaping and if they are good for use as planters!

  • Concrete: Known for being relatively cheap and very durable, concrete is also versatile as it can take on any shape, and you can have it stained and textured to match your preferences. It can be used in all aspects of hardscaping, including patio flooring, walkways, driveways, and retaining walls.

    Concrete planters can crack over time and are extremely heavy.

  • Brick: Brick tends to be a bit more expensive than concrete, but it is durable and gives any space a charming and classic look that never goes out of style.

    Brick planters (also known as paver planter beds) are easier to create DIY and will chip away over time and crumble.

  • Stone: Flagstone, sandstone, slate, limestone, and quartzite are all popular choices for patios and pathways that will give your space a natural feel.

    Stone planters are extremely heavy.

  • Wood: Commonly used as a fence, patio, or deck material, wood hardscaping creates a wonderful transition into surrounding woodland. Wood chips are also a cheap way to make a rustic and charming walkway.

    Wood planters can be susceptible to rot if not taken care of or properly treated.

  • Fiberglass: While not many hardscapes are made from fiberglass, the best planters are.

    Using the latest fiberglass technologies and styles, Vietnam CDM’s planters not only withstand extreme weather conditions but also stand out for their sleek designs – making them the perfect match for hardscapes!

Learn more about our materials and how they save developers and homeowners money and time.

wooden rasied bed
Wooden planters are good for old-school gardening but don’t look great in commercial settings. / ©Jessica Bell
fiberglass planters on sidewalk
Fiberglass planters look great in any setting and are good for plant health. ©Jay Scotts
Lasting Greenery
Vietnam CDM planters offer lasting and easy-to-maintain greenery. ©Jay Scotts

How To Choose The Best Hardscape And Planter Designs For A House Or A Home?

When it comes to choosing the best hardscape design for a home or even a commercial space, there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

  1. Think about what kind of look you are going for. For a more modern look, a combination of sleek fiberglass planters and minimalist hardscapes like fire pits and pavers works well and is extremely fashionable!
  2. Once you have decided on the overall look and planter material, you need to think about functionality. If your hardscapes and planters are purely decorative, then you can focus more on aesthetics and choose planter shapes that look appealing. However, if you are looking for functionality, such as creating a privacy wall, then you will need longer rectangular planter designs to be efficient with the available room.

Vietnam CDM’s Most Popular Hardscaping Planters

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