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Oval Planters

Ideal for both commercial and residential use, Oval Planters will add an interesting edge and a bit of style to your room, garden or office.

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Guide to Oval Planters

Our oval planters feature a rounded opening that tapers down its elegantly elongated body - creating a classic silhouette with a modern twist. This is a refreshing complement to the normal stock of rectangular or circular pots - our oval planters bring a touch of versatility and impressive style to any collection.

Oval planter sizes

Vietnam CDM have two great oval planters, the Tegel and the Pego styles.

The Pego has an oval opening with a subtle taper, while the Tegal has a circular opening and a cylindrical taper downwards. They are easy to use inside and outdoors, and simple to care for.

Both the Tegal and the Pego come in two versatile sizes:

  • 26 inches in height / 18 inch base
  • 30 inches in height / 22 inch base
Prego oval planter

Benefits of an oval design

While there are many great shapes and sizes of plant pots out there, our oval pots are a great option for both indoor and outdoor use.

1. Tapered design - good for small areas

CDM's planters are tapered to bring both stability and space for consumers to create indoor and outdoor arrangements. The slender shape and small footprint allow our oval pots to be placed in tighter corners, such as in the bedroom or the kitchen.

2. Wide opening - room to thrive

The wide opening of our oval pots makes it easy for plants to grow and thrive as they have more room. A large diameter at the top can host large plants or a selection of different plants for versatile plant arrangments.

3. Good depth - space for roots

Our deep planters give home or office gardeners more margin of error when it comes to watering and taking care of the plants. By holding more dirt, they also allow more space for roots to grow, and for the plants to reach their full potential.

Care instructions

The best thing about the Tegal and the Pego planters is that they are made out of fiberglass material. Compared to ceramic planters or metal planters, this material is the most durable, flexible, and low maintenance.

As a lightweight material that's weather-resistant, shatter-proof, and UV-resistant, our oval planters require almost no care, just the occasional cleaning with a mild soap solution will help it look brand new.

Though if you do leave any planter in overly wet and freezing conditons, it is likely to cause wear and tear damage.

How to use your Vietnam CDM oval planters

Build up your arsenal of modern and attractive planters with a stock of the Tegal and Pego oval planters - they are study, lightweight, and look great.

Though oval planters are straightforward and easy for causal and keen gardeners to use for planting., we also provide options to customise and change your planter order. Find out more below.

1. Filling up the planters

The design of our oval planters has taken into account the need for practical planting and potting. The unique oval style will not matter or hinder your gardening needs.

The wide openings of the Tegal and the Pego mean they are easy to fill up. Users simply need to buy the type of potting soil best suited for their chosen plants and fill the planter once it is installed.

Once filled, our sturdy planters will safety stand wherever they are placed, inside the home garden, on the deck, or in the office.

2. Order customised drainage holes

In order to cater to different types of gardens, various greenery, and skill levels, the Tegal and Pego do not come with pre-drilled drainage holes.

Allow us to add drainage holes

We are able to add drainage holes to all our planters at the time of ordering.

Drainage holes allow excess water to leave the planter. In general, drainage holes are considered crucial for plant health. When excess moisture is unable to escape the pot, it could cause the plants to become overwatered. Without sufficient drainage, this hinders the soil from drying out and can lead to root rot, which can be disastrous for the plants.

When not to use drainage holes

However, oval planters used indoors don't need drainage holes, as it is much easier to control water levels when the planter is away from rain, snow, and other elements. In this case, a drainage hole is not recommended.

Some customers choose to use our planters as a decorative pot allowing for a professional and tidy appearance whilst using a smaller 'grow' pot inside for the plant. The grow pot has a drainage system or even a self-watering system installed but is kept hidden.

You know your customers best and what works for your shop! So let Vietnam CDM know whether to drill drainage holes for your stock when you place an order.

Oval planter potting and arrangement ideas

The Tegel and Pego planters are great for both indoor and outdoor use and are unique enough to stand out in any garden or interior. The great thing about these planters is the shape. Not only do they fit into places many other pots cannot, but our deep and tapered oval planters allow a whole host of different plant arrangements making oval planters a really flexible option!

Outdoor oval planters - How to arrange and what to grow

Both the 26 inch and 30 inch oval planter sizes are good for outdoor use. Go for the large size, 3o inches, if you are looking to give your plants some height or to use the pots as a privacy hedge.

Choose the smaller 26 inch oval planter if you are going for a flower garden.

Here are three outdoor plants and tips to arrange them:

1. Arborvitae

The arborvitae is a great shrub for big oval planters. It is an evergreen that is popular with landscapers who wish to create some privacy. With our planters, connect a few of them to line the property line or your porch to create a hedge.

This amazing plant requires little care, but it can grow to a height of over 10 feet, so do remember to trim your privacy hedge.

2. Calibrochoa flowers

This flowering shrub commonly called Million bells or Trailing petunia is a hardy evergreen, perfect for outdoor growth, no matter the country. Put the flowers wherever you need a spot of color in the garden.

Find the oval pot in the small or large size for this, depending on how much of the blooms you will like to have. This easy-to-grow bush will take over the container, and its billowy flowers will hang off the edges charmingly. It thrives in full sun light or partial shade.

3. Ornamental sweet potato vine

Search no further, the sweet potato vine is a rewarding plant to grow - you can start with a small one and see it grow and boast plenty of greenery.

This is a good way to change up your garden in no time. The oval pot will allow the vine a wide expanse to grow over and to catch all the sunlight it needs.

Indoor oval planters - How to arrange and what to grow

Bring greenery inside your home or office space.

Generally, people shop the smaller 22 inch version of our oval planters for indoor use, but of course, some buy the big 30 inch pot for a great indoor statement piece. Here are our top 3 indoor plants for indoor oval planters and tips to arrange them.

1. Lavender

Lavender is a much-loved plant suitable for growing indoors as long as it can receive plenty of sunlight. The wide top of the Tegel and Pego planter is great for this.

When shopping for an indoor lavender, search for a smaller variety, such as French lavender, which will spruce up any home or office space. Place them on a stand in a corner to brighten up the room.

2. Collection of succulents

Succulents are a simple way to add greenery indoors. These plants are generally low maintenance and require very little water.

The oval style is a great shape to show off a good variety of succulents. Find the ones you like, and sort them in the Tegel or Pego according to shape, colour, or size. With the final results, try to resist taking pictures of the planter!

3. Pothos

The pathos, also known as devil's ivy, is the perfect plant for the office. Find a spot anywhere and it will live happily amongst desks and paperwork whilst bringing stunning greenery to a busy workplace.

This ivy tolerates dark and bright offices alike and does not need regular watering or constant care. The heart-shaped leaves contrast nicely with our rounded planters, making them a great companion.

Best colors for oval planters

White, black, and grey are popular oval pot colors to stock, given that many customers fill them up with bright flowers. However, those looking to change things up might prefer a Tegel or a Pego in a bright cherry red or rich aubergine color to brighten the home or office.

We offer three color options

The great thing about wholesale shopping with Vietnam CDM is that we offer a vast array of color finishes for your planter order.

  1. Choose from our set of standard colors.
  2. We can also finish them in custom colors to suit your marketing, branding, and company needs.
  3. If you prefer to add your own colors at a later time, we can ship our products with a standard gray finish that you can paint over after the planter is shipped.

If your company or clients want to do some creative DIY, fiberglass can easily be custom painted to mimic other patterns and textures like ceramic, terracotta, or wood.

Say Yes to the oval planter

Vietnam Creative Design Manufacturing (CDM) produces planters of the finest quality commercial grade in premium quality fiberglass. The oval planter is no exception and its design is a necessity for any planter retailer or wholesaler. This style is flexible, adaptable, and modern, a great fit for any type of garden, commercial space, or residence.

Order for international delivery

Search no further. Our oval shape planters are perfect to be stocked on your shelves, and added to your customer cart!

A wonderful addition to the normal rectangular and circular pots, this is the style that suits every garden or commerical space.

The Tegel and the Pego fit into odd corners and tight spots, look great in the home and office, and are a great shape for optimal plant growth. What more do you need?

Connect with us to find out more about wholesale pricing, color selection, delivery details and other ways in which we can work together to grow your business.

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