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Fiberglass planters are perfect outside in the sun, rain, or snow!

Vietnam Creative Design Manufacturing (Vietnam CDM) helps Australian wholesalers and retail distributors create long-term value by being the most innovative and respected fibreglass composite product manufacturing company in the world.

Our mission is to grow strong relationships with Australian distributors enabling our partners to supply the best plant products to both residential and commercial sectors.

We strive to not only bring to the table our experience, but also our integrity and passion for plant pots and plant management solutions.

With several cutting-edge factories based conveniently in Vietnam, CDM supplies the finest handcrafted pots and planters available, and in an extensive range.

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Offered in bulk purchases and at attractive minimum order values, we have the stock, and production capabilities to supply even the biggest projects and wholesale catalogues.

Many Australian distributors are faced with limited choice in their offerings, with inferior products mass-produced from China and elsewhere. We chose Vietnam for our manufacturing needs to alleviate some of the logistical hurdles when doing business with Australia.

Our location in Vietnam is perched on one of the most effective distribution networks in the world which allows us to offer secure and quick delivery of stock to any corner of Australia including big cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Adelaide.

Plus, Vietnam’s open and developing economy allows frictionless trade with Australia allowing us to offer our world-class products at competitive prices.

Our product range has been expertly crafted to include a wide range of battle-tested planter shapes and designs that suit any industry from garden centres and landscape architecture to commercial properties and offices.

Through our continuous improvement methodology in production and quality control, we are able to supply the most durable, lightweight, and attractive wholesale pots and planters on the market, and at great prices too!

What types of plant pots do you wholesale in Australia? 

Australian customers demand a plant pot with exceptional durability due to Australia’s hot climate and the trend towards more green space in urban development.

Our plant pots perfectly suit the Australian market due to their European and American styles, manufacturing quality, and ease of delivery.

Though our standard range will exceed the expectations of any user, we also offer bespoke flower pots for brands and retailers that require white labelling and custom manufacturing.

Our wide assortment of pots, planters, and containers available for wholesale includes the following collections: 

  • Square flower pots 
  • Rectangular flower pots 
  • Round flower pots 
  • Indoor / Outdoor planters
  • Small flower pots 
  • Medium flower pots 
  • Large flower pots 
  • See our full wholesale planter collection
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What colours and styles do our plant pots come in?

Planters outside restaurant
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Our planters and decorative pots are available in a wide selection of colours and styles that suit the Australian garden and property development market.

Contact our team to learn more about the colours and protective topcoats we provide.

What are some advantages of purchasing wholesale plant pots from us?

There are several advantages of purchasing planters wholesale from us in Australia. Not only are we highly experienced in global logistics, including exportation and importation, but we also understand the needs of your customers – the end user.

With years of experience working directly with industry professionals, we know the pain points and opportunities that plant management products offer and work with our partners every step of the way to ensure success on both sides.

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Our bespoke services include custom design and contract manufacturing. With such services, we work with you every step of the way to meet your specific requirements and provide a collection to be proud of.

Though based in Vietnam, our blend of Western and Eastern management has allowed us to highest attention

Best Wholesale Plant Pots In Australia

Our fibreglass garden pots have emerged as a top choice among professional landscapers, retailers, and wholesalers because of the innate qualities of fibreglass that offer longevity, high performance, ease of use, and low maintenance needs.

Our fibreglass materials are healthy for plants, look great with any decor, and outperform other pots when used outdoors and in high-traffic areas.

As fibreglass pots are attractive and can brighten any space, homeowners especially prefer fibreglass decorative pots over traditional clay pots and other materials that quickly deteriorate.

Our fibreglass pots come with a range of benefits such as

  • Dedicated plant management solutions that double as great tools for decor
  • Our material choices are great for plant health
  • Great for enhancing a business or residential property’s value
  • Lightweight enough to be delivered easily and efficiently
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As a leading wholesale plant pot supplier, our customers require the most durable products available in the market.

Growers, homeowners, commercial properties and retailers choose our fibreglass reinforced planters over conventional pot materials like clay and terracotta which just don’t reach the benchmark for lasting quality.

In addition, all our pots and planters are designed to excel in outdoor settings.

With UV protection added by our paint, primer, and fibreglass material choice, pots supplied by CDM can withstand any outdoor challenges presented by nature such as hot climates, bright sunlight, and snow.

Incredibly Lightweight 

Our customers have told us time and time again that moving planters to different windows and balconies can be tedious, impossible, and dangerous simply because of their weight.

That’s why we designed our Australian wholesale pot range to be the most lightweight planters on the market.

As a wholesaler, our products enable you to find customers in almost any industry that requires flexibility and ease of use from their planter investments.

ideas for tall planters
©Jay Scotts
©Jay Scotts
This rooftop uses our Montroy Cube Planter
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The Australian market values flexibility. With an increasing trend towards biophilic design in offices, homes, and public places, distributors require a manufacturer with a wide range of plant pot styles to suit any industry.

Our Australian range of wholesale pots has earned a reputation for its versatility, not only in terms of available designs, but also with the ability to handle any kind of climate.

With a wide selection of colours and exciting textures that can give any home or commercial space a fresh look, we guarantee any customer can find the right solution for their property.

Our production capabilities afford our distributors a great range of pot sizes from extra-large pots to small tabletop products for the house.

Found out why fibreglass trumps other planter materials.

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At Vietnam CDM, we have a proven track record for exceptional products, service, and delivery. Our fibreglass plant pots are durable, affordable, and exceptionally beautiful.

Our logistics network can deliver to multiple Australian cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide or anywhere in between.

Our pots and planters are manufactured by designers in Vietnam to give you and your customers the best value and workmanship with quality that lasts.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to growing lasting business relationships with our distribution partners and delivering the value that they need and have grown to expect.

Whether you have a customer base looking to spruce up their home, garden, shop, or office, we have the catalogue that will cater to all your needs.

Are You Ready To Work With Us?

Whether you require bespoke planters tailor-made for your project or just want to get your hands on a supply of our world-class planters, reach out to our team today and let’s create something special!

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