Why You Should Get Made-In-Vietnam Fiberglass Planters

First, why use fiberglass planters?

Fiberglass is the wonder material that allows plants to be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Not only are fiberglass planters weather-resistant to frost, rain, rust, rot, and chipping, but the durability of fiberglass planters makes them perfect for any interior or exterior application where appearance and quality matter to a customer.

The benefits don’t end there.

Fiberglass planters promote plant growth and good fiberglass materials are lightweight enough to allow delivery and arrangement of planters in any commercial or residential environment. Meaning that any industry can use our planters; from landscapers and interior designers, to the humble homeowner.

Hold on, the benefits haven’t ended yet.

Fiberglass planters can be manufactured with unique and custom designs. Combine that with durable paint finishes and eye-catching colours that enhance the beauty of any landscape – modern or traditional, fiberglass materials are the clear winner for indoor and outdoor landscaping.

Ho Chi Minh City at night

Why is Vietnam the best place to import fiberglass pots?

There are a number of reasons why importing fiberglass products, including planters, from Vietnam is the best option for your business:

  • Vietnam’s economy has grown to serve globally
  • Import and export paperwork is easy
  • Low trade tariffs mean frictionless and competitive trading
  • International shipping and distribution reach customers everywhere
  • Vietnamese people and corporate culture is all about relationship nurturing

The advantages of working with a Vietnam fiberglass manufacturer

1. Vietnam’s economy has grown to serve globally

Due to the ability to anticipate global demand and supply in Vietnam, its economy has grown significantly, particularly in the export sector.

Vietnam’s Government has actively nurtured the economy to meet global manufacturing demands.

As a result, Vietnamese manufacturing has become a hallmark of quality, precision, and service.

Vietnam CDM sanding

Why is Vietnam Creative Design Manufacturing special?

The ability to produce delightful and durable planter designs at competitive price points is the result of massive investment and innovation from Vietnam CDM.

All aspects of making fiberglass planters are handled internally, including design, manufacturing, and distribution.

A self-contained process enables Vietnam CDM to monitor and control the quality of each stage of product development and production. Thus, ensuring timely delivery and a flawless product.

2. Import and export paperwork is easy

Specific and limiting export licenses were required in the past for Vietnamese companies wishing to ship goods overseas.

However, under Decision No. 57/ND/CP, Vietnamese enterprises are now permitted to export a wide variety of manufactured goods without having to apply for a Vietnamese export license. 

Vietnam CDM team

Why is Vietnam Creative Design Manufacturing special?

We have years of experience exporting our products across the globe. Partnering with us means you have the expertise of a multi-national exporter in your back pocket.

No need to read through pages of legislation. We know exactly how to service your business, no matter where you are.

3. Low trade tariffs means frictionless and competitive trading

In many countries around the world, Vietnam products get taxed at a lower rate.

Vietnam has been an active participant in a series of free trade agreements, both multilateral and bilateral, to accelerate the country’s integration into the global economy.

Vietnam currently maintains diplomatic relations with nearly 190 countries and has signed approximately 15 free trade agreements with significant trading partners. The EVFTA trade agreement will eliminate almost 99 percent of customs duties between the EU and Vietnam.

Vietnam trade with Europe

Why is Vietnam Creative Design Manufacturing special?

Vietnam CDM has a long history of trading internationally with a number of different industries. We understand the challenges of international trade and we have invested time and money to overcome these barriers.

Our advisors are only a phone call away to help your business navigate the international waters of foreign trade and to grow your business.

4. International shipping and distribution reach customers everywhere

Shipping Vietnamese planters is easy and hassle-free due to the availability of various sophisticated shipping methods: water, road, rail, and air.

Fiberglass planters can be shipped in many different methods. Depending on the quantity, size, and shape, Vietnamese manufacturers are poised to offer the best delivery methods for customers.

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Why is Vietnam Creative Design Manufacturing special?

The ability to distribute and deliver internationally is one of our strongest selling points.

Our close relationship with international shipping and logistics companies has made it possible for Vietnam CDM to bring our products to every corner of the globe – risk free.

5. Vietnamese people and corporate culture is all about relationship nurturing

From past to present, Vietnam’s national culture has always maintained outstanding characteristics such as innovation, hard work, creativity, and a love of peace.

The Vietnamese are also famous for their progressive spirit, their cooperation, and self-reliance.

Working with Made-in Vietnam planter manufacturers is not only a wise choice for importing the best quality fiberglass products, but also for creating a strong and supportive business relationship.

Vietnam CDM consultants

Why is Vietnam Creative Design Manufacturing special?

By providing high-quality products at reasonable prices, we’re thrilled to earn the trust of foreign businesses.

Long-term business relationships and building economic ties with other countries are the guiding principles for our ongoing efforts to preserve and develop Vietnam’s corporate culture.

Our expert designers and engineers are involved in the process, from the beginning through to delivery, and work closely with customers to ensure that our fiberglass planters meet their design specifications, adhere to international standards, and wow expectations.

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Why are Vietnam planters the best in the world?

Vietnam fiberglass planters are world-renowned for their quality.

With many years of hard work, investment, and research, and carefully following global trends, Vietnam Creative Design Manufacturing produces fiberglass products that are both competitive in price and extraordinary in quality.

Eastern manufacturing philosophy

As a manufacturer based in the East, Vietnam CDM ensure that our fiberglass pots are the most progressive and attractive on the market. By providing wholesale and made-to-order planters with high-quality materials, our Made in Vietnam planters are internationally recognized.

We strongly believe in our essence and process

It does not matter if it is designing, producing, or delivering, all planters have to go through strict quality control. After passing through several touchpoints of quality control, the planter will be packed and prepared for shipping. No crack-lines, lumps, or bumps, guaranteed!

Renowned craftsmanship from Vietnam

Vietnam today is a country alive with all manner of traditional arts and crafts. Many years of warfare destroyed much of Vietnamese artwork, as well as the skills that made it. Since peacetime, the arts have begun to flourish, and Vietnam once more considers itself a center for beautiful craftsmanship.

Highly skilled traditional crafts are embedded in the country’s culture.

Vietnam Creative Design Manufacturing is dedicated to promoting and preserving Vietnam’s craft. The quality of our fiberglass products speaks for itself, but it is the result of innovation and traditional values.

Indoor & outdoor pots, custom planters, and bespoke colors

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We are here for you.

Vietnam planters take form by a fusion of designing, modern workmanship, and traditional craftsmanship. Made in Vietnam planters indicate meticulousness, dedication, and passion for details. Whether it’s for your garden, balcony, interior, or exterior, all our products aim to carry on a legacy: Made in Vietnam.

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