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Creative Design Manufacturing is the powerhouse behind many well-known global planter brands. We specialize in designing, creating, and producing high-quality handmade fiberglass planters. 

From traditional to contemporary designs, from miniature tabletop pots to extra-large statement planters, our commercial-grade planters come in a wide array of shapes and sizes, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Over the years, Creative Design Manufacturing has produced and delivered top-end fiberglass planters to wholesale distributors, retailers, real estate developers, landscape architects, education institutions, and even airports around the world. Our fiberglass planters are synonymous with style, quality, and durability. 

Read on to learn about why our products remain a firm favorite for wholesale and retail clients. 


Whether you are a wholesaler in need of our standard planter collections or you want exclusive manufacturing rights to your own designs, we offer bespoke solutions to your sophisticated demands.

Creative Design Manufacturing Materials

Creative Design Manufacturing delivers top-of-the-line fiberglass planters made with quality and reliability in mind. We have come a long way from being a small research and development workshop in Vietnam to a manufacturing powerhouse on the forefront of the fiberglass planter industry. 

Never forgetting our core mission is the reason for our success – Creative Design Manufacturing remains committed to delivering high-quality composite material products that exceed customer expectations.  

We are proud of our roots in Vietnam, where we have tapped into the local talent pool of artisans, engineers, and support personnel. Our factories boast state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and our self-contained process enables us to monitor each stage of product development and production, ensuring quality at every single step of the way.  

Count on us to produce the finest handmade planters with the best materials available on the marketplace today, as we strive to always provide innovative manufacturing and supply chain solutions to our customers from various industries across the world. 

The Finest Commercial Grade Fiberglass Material 

Fiberglass surface tissue

All of the Creative Design Manufacturing planters are made from the finest commercial-grade fiberglass. We are of the firm belief that fiberglass is the perfect material for commercial and residential landscaping products. 

Its high-performance quality is simply unrivaled compared to steel, wood, and concrete, despite it being a lightweight material. 

Globe Planter

Why Use Fiberglass?

First, fiberglass has simply one of the best strength-to-weight ratios. Research has found that it can be at least twice as strong as steel while only at a quarter of its density, and up to five times as strong as wood. 

Second, fiberglass has a long lifespan. Even under tough conditions, its mechanical properties and micro-structural integrity can last for longer than 15 years. It is inherently frost-resistant and can withstand harsh weather without affecting its looks or quality. 

Last, fiberglass is aesthetically flexible. A material that can be easily molded into any shape and size, it is no wonder that Creative Design Manufacturing’s catalog offers an amazingly wide range of styles and designs for you to choose from. 

Read on to find out more about the unbeatable qualities of fiberglass

Overall, fiberglass is a superior material on all fronts. It is lightweight, durable, weather-resistant, cost-effective, as well as beautiful to look at! 

What Does This Mean For You?

Whether you are a wholesaler or a retailer, this is great news for you. Creative Design Manufacturing’s commitment to using only the finest commercial-grade fiberglass has many benefits to you and your customers. 

Rest easy, our fiberglass planters are stronger, lighter, cheaper, and more flexible than other materials, they will outlast other planters in high traffic, high importance, all-weather conditions. 

  • No heavy-lifting required – Our fiberglass planters are the lightest commercial product on the market. This means they are easy to move around and to ship. The benefit to the user? A product that’s high value and yet easy to manage!
  • Cost-effective – With the strength to weight ratio in mind, and considering the cost of materials, fiberglass often comes out on top as a cost-effective material compared to wood or steel. Furthermore, our planters are made from durable, fade-resistant, chemical-resistant, and corrosion-proof fiberglass materials, they requires little to no maintenance and upkeep. 
  • Looks great – One of the best things about fiberglass is its flexibility in style of design. Fiberglass is naturally an upmarket material that looks elegant, modern, and stylish. Moreover, it can be adapted to any existing decor, depending on the color and finishes you choose. It is no wonder that fiberglass planters are a top choice amongst landscape architects. 

Maximum Strength Plant-Based Resin

All Creative Design Manufacturing fiberglass planters are bonded with resin. Our resin is made from non-plastic linear low-density polyethylene (LLDP), which creates a high-quality polymer that we bind with composites like fiberglass.

So, what is resin? Is resin plastic? Resin is not plastic, this is a common misconception about resin, and gives the material a poor reputation. In fact, plastic is derived from synthetic petrochemicals, whereas resin is made from plants. In reality, there are very few similarities between plastic and resin. 


The US Forest Service explains that resins are plant products that are not soluble in water and harden when in contact with air, they are produced in special cells in plants and are also produced when an injury occurs to the plant.

Likewise, we choose to use resin, as these protective qualities are emulated in the manufacturing process to create a durable material that can shield your pots and planters from hot climates and freezing temperatures alike.

Moreover, plant-derived resins are biodegradable and reduce the use of plastics. This is a conscious step towards reducing our environmental footprint.

All in all, our fiberglass planters are different from regular mass-manufactured plastics, and are stronger, more durable, and effectively weather resistant. 

Our resin blend is carefully applied to each planter by hand to create bespoke and high-quality products. Our molding process and the flexibility of resin fiberglass materials means we can manufacture any planter shape that fits the customer’s needs and be suitable to all weather conditions. 

Read more about our dedication to resin.

What Does This Mean For You?

Whether it is a porch in London or a rooftop in Arizona, our resin-infused fiberglass planters will never cease to impress. By partnering with Creative design Manufacturing, you’re offering your customers:

  • Robust products that can be used in any climate  – Our resin-infused fiberglass planters are truly the epitome of weather and temperature resistance. They do well in heavy sunshine, they look pristine in sleet and snow, and they are totally fine in the pouring rain.
  • Our resin planters are non-porous and non-hygroscopic, which means that water and mineral salts will stay in the planters, keeping the plants healthy and well. Falling or rising temperatures pose no difficulty for our planters, they will not crack or degrade with sudden weather changes, keeping the integrity of the pot sound. 

  • Maintenance and hassle-free – Overall, the best thing about our resin planters is that they require no special care or upkeep. Once they leave the factory in pristine condition, they will not require much maintenance at all. Your resin-based planters have longevity built into them, and will look brand new for many years. They are also safe-guarded by resin’s natural ability to ward off wear and tear while keeping a beautiful shine.
  • Professional pots suitable for small and large plants – When it comes to housing small plants for commercial or residential spaces, landscapers will find that the material of the planter is not that important. A small pot is easy enough to move about and to repot if necessary. However, the real issue comes with extra-large planters, which are extremely popular design statement pieces. Here, durability integrity, and professionalism is of utmost importance. Our resin fiberglass pots are above the benchmark for commercial quality and performance!

In fact, our top-quality resin-infused planters make a fuss-free and delightful addition to any catalog. 

Paint and Topcoat

Made from commercial-grade fiberglass and maximum strength resin, Creative Design Manufacturing’s planters are then primed and painted.

How flower pots are made

First, the outer surfaces of our planters are sealed with a UV-resistant coating. This gives extra assurance and security against sun, rain, and even casual nicks and damage. 

No matter what paint brand you use or what color you choose, we are of the expert opinion that it is best to start with a primer. Even though many paint brands state their products do not need a primer, this helps to make sure the paint adheres to the fiberglass surface, especially if the planter will be used outside. 

Therefore, we prep the fiberglass planters with two layers of primer to achieve our flawless finish. The primer fills up any gaps in the material, creating a smooth, uniform surface. It works well as a bonding agent between the fiberglass exterior and the paint of your choice. 

We apply the first layer after lightly sanding the fiberglass surface and cleaning it thoroughly. Once dry, we apply primer to the outside surfaces, then allow it to air for an hour. After which, another light sanding occurs, followed by the second coat of primer. 

In this form, we are happy to ship the planters out to you. You can then further customize the individual pots to your needs by painting them specific topcoat colors. Marine-grade paint or automotive paint is a sound choice. Otherwise, Creative Design Manufacturing is able to paint it a standard gray color, suitable for many design needs, or choose from our selection of stunning and vibrant topcoat colors, and we can do all the painting for you!

What Does This Mean For You?

Whether it is a porch in London or a rooftop in Arizona, our resin-infused fiberglass planters will fit the bill.

  • Customizable for every design need – Whether you opt for only the topcoat or choose our standard gray finish, the great news is that our fiberglass planter is ready to be customized to any design style and will look great in any chosen color.
  • Primed for success – Over time, the primer will continue to protect the surface of the planter. It will help to prolong the lifespan of your chosen topcoat paint, and acts as a bonding agent ensuring proper adhesion between the topcoat and the fiberglass base.

    This boosts the lifespan of your product and you will never have to worry about unhappy customers!

This rooftop uses our Montroy Cube Planter
This rooftop uses our Montroy Cube Planter to bring nature to difficult-to-reach places.

Indoor and Outdoor Ready

Our handsome collection of planters handcrafted from plant-based resin bonded with commercial-grade fiberglass and finished with two layers of carefully applied primer exudes a luxurious sense of style. 

Coming in modern elegant designs and traditional classic styles, these planters are ready for indoor and outdoor use without any further prepping by you or your customers.

With the option of including drainage holes or easily adding them yourself later – water drainage is not an issue for indoor or outdoor usage.

The Creative Design Manufacturing Promise

Ultimately, Creative Design Manufacturing offers the best fiberglass planters in the market. Made from commercial-grade fiberglass and bonded with maximum strength plant-based resin, we guarantee that expectations will be exceeded.

In fact, we stand by our commitment by offering a 3-year warranty on all our products.

Are You Ready To Work With Us?

Whether you require bespoke planters tailor-made for your project or just want to get your hands on a supply of our world-class planters, reach out to our team today and let’s create something special!

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