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The Benefits of Working With A Company That Offers Custom Planters

Whether you are starting a new fiberglass planter collection or looking to deliver a one-off custom planter solution for your clients, our team are here to help you grow your business. At Creative Design Manufacturing (CDM), our Research and Design Team works tirelessly to ensure that our fiberglass planters are not only the highest quality planters on the market but also the most progressive and elegant. As the result, we have the largest selection of standard and custom planters.

What Services Do We Offer?

Creative Design Manufacturing is a dependable manufacturing powerhouse specialized in hand-made fiberglass planters that supply some of the world’s most well-known brands. Offering both ODM and OEM services, our various factories are equipped to bring your product to reality.

ODM Services

We offer our standard planters designs on a private label or white label basis, saving you the expense of product development and research.

OEM Services

Our OEM services are perfect for brands that have a design but need a manufacturer to handle production.

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Not sure which manufacturing service you need? Read our guide to learn more about the opportunities of ODM or OEM services.

7 Benefits Of Custom Planters

1. Tailored to your liking

We stand behind our wide selection of planters, yet we also understand that sometimes projects require tailored specifications.

At CDM, we are proud to offer wholesale custom or made-to-order planters that are produced with the same high-quality materials for which CDM is internationally recognized.

With our blend of handcrafted and CAD manufacturing techniques, we offer custom planters in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and finishing options-choosing between any one of them will result in a beautiful and long-lasting piece that is sure to complement your landscape or the landscape of your clients.

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2. Get project results

Our fiberglass planters can be seen in huge landscape projects and commercial settings in the United States of America, Canada, and beyond. Catering for commercial businesses is what we do best.

As a company that operates internationally, our custom planter design team are experts in delivering timely results for a wide variety of projects across the world.

With the expertise of our engineers, we guarantee that expectations are exceeded every time, not only with the quality of our custom planters but also with the flexibility of our designs.

3. Personal touch

We work closely with our clients, whether it be landscape architects or wholesale distributors to deliver commercial-grade planters that match the exact specifications of their project needs. This approach enables you to get the fiberglass planter that is right for your enterprise.

We know every project has its challenges, so our team of engineers and consultants are with you every step of the way as we complete your custom order based on your exact needs.

This ensures that your project is a success every time.

The Vietnam CDM team in an office
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How flower pots are made the mold creating
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4. Manufactured in-house

We are the designers – bringing concept to reality – the manufacturer, and the distributor; we do not outsource any portion of your project. From initial concept through the production workflow, to delivery, our team will work with you to create your bespoke planters.

5. Overseen by designers

Our Research and Design Team works in the same location as our production team members. That means, every step of the project is managed in-house and our engineers and designers are with your planters through every step of the manufacturing process to ensure strict adherence to your custom design and specifications.

Planter engineers working in the office
The knowledge of our sales consultants and engineers is just an email away. ©Vietnam CDM
Man manufacturing a planter
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6. Rigorously tested for quality

Once an order is placed, our team will work with you to finalize and create 3D renderings of your custom planters. When the specifications are approved, we will begin the fabrication of the molds to create your new products.

Every custom planter is subjected to our rigorous quality assurance process; only after passing several layers of quality control will your planter be packed and prepared for shipping. It is worth noting that this process, including the production of your planters, can take up to ninety days.

7. International shipping

As a world-leading brand of fiberglass products, we are partnered with the world’s best international shipping and logistics companies. Any order, whether it be standard or custom, comes with the full support and expertise of our team.

Conveniently located in Vietnam, our manufacturing facility has access to major shipping networks that span the globe. Custom planter orders ship internationally from our manufacturing facility in 20’ or 40’ shipping containers. Minimum order quantities (MOQs) do apply.

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Determine Your Custom Planters in 5 Steps

To get started on your solution, collect some information about your requirements. Follow these initial 5 steps to identify how we can help you.

custom planters

1. Create a list of requirements for the planter

The first step in any new project or planter collection begins with determining the application of your planters.

All of our commercial planters are marine grade and are used by both interior and landscape architects for indoor or outdoor operations.

Our planters are used in numerous sectors from hotels and restaurants to residential developments and even airports – each industry has its own requirements and goals.

Knowing the application will greatly influence the style, color, and size of the planter, and allows us to deliver a sophisticated solution for your project.

2. Choose shapes that suit the application

Our standard commercial planters were created to suit all kinds of customers, and we can customize them for unique brands. For specific applications, the shape of your planter will be influenced by its function.

What plants will you use to fill it? A hedge, for example, will likely need a rectangular shape.

Or will your planters need a small footprint? Then a tapered design or something from our Linear Collection would be perfect.

If want to start a new range of planters for your brand, you may be interested in all of our shapes and styles.

If you’re not sure, first browse our collection of planter shapes. pick a standard planter shape from our categories – this might be round or square for example – then we can consult on how to customize it further for your brand.

3 round planters
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painting fiberglass planters
All CDM planters come with extra layers of UV protection. ©Vietnam CDM

3. Choose from our custom colors, or apply your own

All of our planters are painted using the highest quality primers and commercial grade paints.

Though our commercial planters can ship with your choice of over 18 standard color options, we understand that you might want to apply your own range of colors to suit your brand or client. Therefore, we can also ship your custom order with just our standard grey primer allowing you to apply the final topcoat at a later date.

4. Determine your timeline

Whether it be creating your own collection of commercial planters or fulfilling the needs of a one-off project, we understand there are important deadlines to meet. By determining a suitable timeline for your order, we can guarantee everything runs smoothly.

How flower pots are made at the factory
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Vietnam CDM planter office
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5. Request a consultation

If you know your exact requirements or need a little inspiration for your next project, the next step is to contact us for a consultation.

You can do this by contacting us directly or filling in our contact request form. With our whole team behind you, it’s time to grow your business.

Are You Ready To Work With Us?

Whether you require bespoke planters tailor-made for your project or just want to get your hands on a supply of our world-class planters, reach out to our team today and let’s create something special!

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