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A series designed for fans of regular shapes, Rectangular Planters will please your eye but also mesh with all types of décor and style.

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Buyers guide to wholesale rectangular planters for both commercial and residential landscaping

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Buying planters direct from a manufacturer can be a difficult business, especially when you want stock of multiple shapes, sizes, and styles. To help you make the best decision, both for your brand and for your business, we created this buyers guide to wholesale rectangular planters.

Save time and money when finding the best planter supplier for your business and get inspiration from a global planter manufacturer too.

What industries can benefit from fiberglass rectangular planters?

Fiberglass rectangular planters can be used in a number of settings for the purpose of:

  • attracting more foot traffic through the wow factor of interior and exterior landscaping
  • helping to create a relaxed atmosphere that encourages more spending
  • increasing the perceived value of a property with simple landscaping solutions

For these reasons, our planters are popular in industries such as retail, hospitality, and residential development.

3 Reasons rectangular planter boxes bring commercial success

Rectangular plant containers are one of the most popular shapes for commercial and residential landscapes.

They are many applications for rectangular planters, including professional plant management, constructing non-intrusive space dividers, and introducing botanical beauty into otherwise lifeless areas with ease, which is difficult to achieve with many other planter designs.

1. Rectangular planters offer professional plant management solutions

A large rectangular planter means you can support a range of plants in a tidy and professional way. The self-contained nature of growing plants in a planter means less gardening mess and provides an optimized environment for plants to thrive.

Rectangular plants are especially healthy for plants as they have a large soil capacity for plant roots to enjoy.

Plus, when grouping plants together in wide rectangular planters such as our Antwerp Wide Rectangular Planter, maintenance is optimized as all your plants are in the same space. No need to water, feed, and look after several pots at once.

The bottom line: save time and money while giving your plants room to thrive.

2. Rectangular planters can create and define new space

Vietnam CDM large rectangle planters such as the Narbonne Long Rectangular Planter offer solutions such as enhanced privacy, functional room dividers, and can serve as a beautiful and practical perimeter for outdoor spaces.

Restaurants, for example, use our planters specifically for these three purposes. Privacy screens are created with a backdrop of plants, sections of the restaurant are creatively carved out with long rectangular planters and patio areas are cordoned off from the street using rows of rectangular outdoor planters.

3. Rectangular planters offer decor versatility

Vietnam CDM's rectangular flower pots like the Amesbury Narrow Rectangular Planter were created with beauty and decor versatility in mind.

Design elements of rectangular planters such as clean and neat lines suit a number of decor concepts from minimalism, modern, to contemporary.

In addition, the long and slim dimensions of rectangular products allow decorators to use them in tight spaces to enhance areas that are inaccessible with round and square planters. Think of the beautifully lined hallways in resorts and office buildings. Rectangular flower planters are often the weapon of choice for such applications.

Rectangle planter patio

Vietnam CDM fiberglass rectangular planters

Our range of fiberglass rectangular planters offer products in a number of standard and custom sizes. Our products range from small tabletop planters to extra large rectangular planter boxes.

Our planters are used both for indoor as well as outdoor projects and suit modern and traditional styles.

With a versatile collection, our rectangular planters can be used for any number of applications from natural room dividers to decorating shelves and balconies.

Plus Vietnam CDM wholesale fiberglass rectangular pots are made of high-quality fiberglass, which is durable, lightweight, UV-resistant, and weather-resistant.

Rectangular planter sizes

The three most common sizes of rectangular planters at Vietnam CDM are small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Small - Our small rectangular planters range from 16 inches to 20 inches in length, such as the Amsterdam tapered planter.

Medium - Our medium sizes are available in 24 inches, 36 inches, and 48 inches. Planters in this range, for example, the Milano Narrow Rectangular Planter, make up our most popular stock.

Large & extra large - Products in our large and extra-large rectangular planter collections are available in sizes of 54 inches, 65 inches, 84 inches, and 100 inches such as our Hudson Extra Long Rectangular Planter.

As a planter manufacturer, our custom range extends beyond traditional and standard sizes available in our store. If you need a bespoke solution, there are no limitations and our engineers are ready to work with you!

Best Vietnam CDM colors for rectangular planters

Our industrial painting facility offers a wide variety of trendy and high-quality colors and finishes

Black and white rectangular planters suit most settings and are the most popular.

Though black is not ideal for outdoor use in really hot climates as black planters absorb a lot of heat which can be unhealthy for the plant.

Lighter colors such as green, blue, and red planters are suitable for modern environments such as offices, retail properties, and residential areas.

Earthy tones such as brown, beige and charcoal are great for traditional, boho, and rustic environments.

How to fill rectangular planters

Filling up rectangular planters is easy and hassle-free, however, for extra-large rectangular planters, make sure to install your planter in its final location first and then fill it so you don't have to move it when it is heavy.

Always use potting soil for potted plants, no matter if they are indoors or outside.

To fill up your planter simply:

Step 1: Opt for drainage holes 

We recommend adding drainage holes to rectangular planters, especially if they are for outdoor use. Please specify if you would like drainage holes added when you order.

Step 2: Use space savers to fill the bottom of the planter

To ensure good drainage, save costs on soil and water, and make the planter lighter, use a filling material in the bottom 1/3 - 1/2 of your planter. Materials such as gravel, packing peanuts, or plastic bottles are perfect for this.

Step 3: Protect the fillers in the pot

Add landscaping fabric to stop potting soil from falling down into the filler. Though this is optional, it is useful if your filling material is quite large.

Step 4: Prepare soil for potting

After adding the filler material, fill the planter with potting soil to just below the top. Do not use regular garden topsoil as this is too thick and not ideal for potted plants.

Step 5: Planting and touching up

When planting your plant, make a hole in the center of the planter that is large enough for the plant's rootball. This will likely need to be a few inches deep. Add additional potting soil around the plants and give them a  deep watering.

Should rectangular planters have drainage or not?

Drainage holes in outdoor rectangular planters are advisable to stop outdoor plants from developing root rot caused by bacteria and fungi that form in the bottom of a planter when there is too much water.

However, indoor planters don't need drainage holes because you are able to control the watering schedule better than in an outdoor environment where rain and hot weather can have unexpected effects.

Rectangular planter ideas

Wheeling Rectangle Fiberglass Planter Box

Creating a landscape design can be a bit tricky with so many planter shapes and styles available. Fortunatly landscaping with rectangular planters is easy!

Here are several ways interior landscapers and industry leaders use rectangular planters!

Multi-plant arrangements for rectangular planters

Large and long rectangular outdoor planters are ideal vessels for the best landscaping formula in the business: thriller-filler-spiller.

  • Thrillers are dramatic-looking plants that bring color and energy. Place your thriller in the middle of the rectangular planter.
  • Fillers have a thick, fluffy, or bushy appearance like Gerbera daisies. Use them to fill in the gaps between the thriller plants.
  • Spillers are Ivy like plants that drape over the lip of the planter and trail below. Plant them on the edge of the rectangular planter.

Single plant arrangements  for rectangular planters

Large rectangular plant pots also work well with singular arrangements

Texture - Aloe Vera, Snake Plants, or Parlour Palms are recommended for indoor rectangular plant pots to add intrigue and style to your interior design.

Privacy - Ornamental grasses and evergreen shrubs are perfect to create privacy and space dividing solutions in a tall rectangular planter box.

Hedges - Hedges are useful to decorate gardens, hallways, and entrances. Long rectangular planters are the most popular and effective way to do this.

What are the best plants for rectangle planters?

With rectangular outdoor planters, it's possible to grow a wide variety of plants. Here are some of the most popular plants:

1. Snake Plant

Snake plants are often the go-to plant for rectangular planter box shapes. They have long variegated leaves that resemble snakes' skin. The foliage is long and straight, and so they are great to use in long rectangle-shaped planters to create a privacy screen or room divider.

2. Parlour Palm

The Parlor Palm is one of the most common indoor plants. A slow growth rate and the ability to thrive in low light and small spaces makes the Parlour palm tree a favourite for offices. Placed in modern large rectangular planters, the Parlour palm can create a wall of lush foliage that is perfect for decorating hallways and lobbies!

How Vietnam CDM can grow your business

As a manufacturer in the international market, Vietnam Creative Design Manufacturing is poised to help you grow your business.

Vietnam CDM offer superior fiberglass products delivered internally, such as our Jay Scotts planter collection, as well as custom planter designs upon request. If you're ready to build a planter brand of your own, our engineers are ready to work with you!

Vietnam CDM's reputation for high-quality, durable, and beautiful fiberglass planter products is rivalled only by our passion for customer service and relationship building with our clients.

For wholesale and retail opportunities, contact us today and help us grow your business.

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