how to water commercial planters

How to Water Commercial Planters: Tips for Saving Time, Water, and Money

Planters are a great way to add some greenery and life to any outdoor or indoor space, whether it be commercial or residential. Customers, office employees, and residents enjoy the benefits of plants and they add the wow factor to any decor. In fact, our products are found in hotels, golf courses, and public spaces throughout America. But large planter projects are not without challenges. After months of planning and installation, comes the time to start planting and watering. Maintenance of plants can get expensive; not only for your bottom line but also for your precious time. How nice would

using-flower pots in landscaping

23 Ways of Using Flower Pots in Landscaping: Master the Art of Garden Decoration

Container gardening is the art of planting exclusively in containers instead of planting them in the ground. This gardening practice has gained a lot of popularity because it is friendly to our modern way of living. Do you know that pots and planters are also great elements for decoration? No matter how much space you have, using flower pots in landscaping is an easy and versatile way to showcase your personal style. These garden ideas are a seamless way to mix and match countless combinations of pots with minimal effort to bring your elegant dream garden to life. 1 Recycling

Planters for Hotels: 5 Key Concepts for Better Guest Experience

As popular trends continue toward a greener future, plant pots are increasingly introduced into private and public spaces. Now, consumers expect to see some awareness of this fact from interior designers in charge of hotel decor. Are planters for hotels important? Using indoor and outdoor planters to decorate various key areas in a hotel is considered one of the most important interior design elements that a hotel owner can implement. The reasons are clear and they include: Plants improve guest experience as a passive mood-enhancer. Plants make a positive statement about the hotel’s green and sustainable company policies. Guests report

decorating with large planters

10 Tips for Decorating with Large Planters

Purchasing a large planter for your home, porch, or business seems daunting. How can your interior work with a monolithic planter and what do you even put in it to achieve design stardom? How large is a large planter? Large planters start at around 16 inches in width and height with the largest of planters surpassing 30 inches. However, large planters don’t have to look cumbersome. Industry leaders, such as Creative Design Manufacturing, offer planters in a variety of styles, from wide-bodied rectangles to smooth and tapered designs that look great with any decor. Why are large planters popular? The


Outdoor Planter Arrangement Ideas: 18 Ways to Impress with Your Garden Pots

Are you new to container gardens and don’t know how to arrange your planters? Are you looking for some ideas to refresh your garden setting? Or you just need to level up your yard to have some party?  No worries. You’ve come to the right place! This article will show you 18 beautiful outdoor planter arrangement ideas. We will show you how to compose your plants in a pot, then how to arrange planters in the garden. Your outdoor areas will look amazing in no time at all!  Before starting to arrange your outdoor planters, there are a few general

what is the best material for planters

What Is the Best Material for Planters: The Pros and Cons of Popular Pots

Gardening is becoming an ever greater trend. A lot of people enjoy gardening, either indoors or outdoors. When it comes to gardening, we care not only about the plants, but also the planters. There are a variety of factors you should consider before choosing a planter for your plants. These factors include height, weight, shapes, sizes, and materials. Does the planter accommodate your plant? Is it easy to move the planter around? Which shape suits your plant and your design? Does this planter suit your aesthetic?  Despite not getting much attention, materials for your planters are more important than you

best color for flower pots

Best Color for Flower Pots: Design Tips for Creative Decor and Gardens

When you spend on flower pots, think about it as an investment in your decor. Color is so influential in our everyday lives that it helps to define our experiences. Think of the reds and oranges that create sunsets, or the blues and whites that denote peace and tranquility, the earthy browns that are nice on the eyes, and the professionalism of black. As we will discuss in this blog, choosing the best color for flower pots is a delicate and dedicated job. This blog aims to give you some inspiration and make it an easy and interesting experience along

best type of pots for plants

Best Type of Pots for Plants: How to Make Smart Planter Choices

Plants are our best friends, really. There’s always a time for flowers and plants. Flowers are a part of so many wonderful celebrations. They give us wonderful memories. Plants offer so many benefits, for us and the environment. They eat nasty carbon dioxide, the stuff that hurts us so much. They give us plenty of oxygen. They purify the air. They give a natural aroma, something lacking in the urban jungles of today. Best of all, they look beautiful in any surrounding. They improve our well-being and give us natural energy, improving our ambience. Indoor plants, outdoor porch flower arrangements,

How flower pots are made at the factory

How Flower Pots Are Made: A Sneak Peek at a Fiberglass Planter Factory in Vietnam

Creative Design Manufacturing is a wholesale manufacturer of the finest quality hand-made fiberglass planters. Durable and stylish, our pots are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and can enhance any commercial or residential space. Our factory is located in Vietnam, in Binh Duong near the southern metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City. With easy access to various ports in Asia and a Western management style, we’re able to offer a balance of best business practices from the East and West. Our energetic team of skilled engineers and artisans produces over seventy standard designs as well as many bespoke ones,

Artificial Plants vs Natural Plants

 Corporate Landscaping Advice: Artificial Plants vs Natural Plants Are you the one in charge of choosing plants to place in pots and containers either indoors or in outdoor areas of your office building, restaurant, hotel or private practice? If so, there is one decision you will have to make early on. Will you choose artificial plants or real plants? Well, there are advantages associated with both and both can be displayed in any type of plant container or planting pot. Here is an overview of the pros and cons of artificial and natural plants in order to help you make

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