Architectural Planters: 3 Styles To Improve Your Space

An architectural planter is a large, outdoor planter that is often used to hold plants or flowers. They are typically made from a range of materials like stone, metal, or concrete, but here at CDM Vietnam (CDM), we strongly believe our fiberglass products are the best quality and provide the best form, function, and beauty for any home or commercial setting.

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Flower Pots And Planters Market | Size And Opportunities

With gardening and landscaping set to continue as one of the world’s favorite past times, and with continued market growth predicted this year, there’s no better time to team up with planter manufacturers like Vietnam Creative Design Manufacturing (CDM) to grow your landscaping business or add a range of battle-tested planters to your catalogue.

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Rectangular Planters outdoor

Are Fiberglass Planters Good For Outdoors?

Fiberglass planters are great for outdoor use due to their natural ability to withstand harsh weather conditions without losing form, function, or beauty.

Over the years, fiberglass planters have become a popular choice for outdoor pots. Lightweight and durable, commercial-grade fiberglass planters are the go-to for industry professionals.

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Fiberglass planters are easily carried to where they need to be.

What Are FRP Planters Made Of?

Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) planters are a type of plant container made from plastic and fiber that has become hugely popular in recent years, and they are the mainstay at Creative Design Manufacturing Vietnam (CDM).

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indoor palms

How To Choose The Best Pots For Indoor Plants

When it comes to choosing the best pots for indoor plants, there are many factors to consider. From size and color to design and shape, it’s important to get the right indoor pot for your space. Creative Design Manufacturing Vietnam (CDM) is on hand to ensure you find the perfect one for any home or office. Let’s take a closer look at our guide to indoor plants, so you make the right choice for your space!

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CDM factory

What Is Contract Manufacturing? Benefits And Tips For Outsourcing

Here at Creative Design Manufacturing, we specialize in designing, creating, and producing high-quality handmade fiberglass planters for well-known global brands. Our top-of-the-line fiberglass planters are an artful mix of sophistication and durability that is guaranteed to exceed customer expectations.

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How To Measure Plant Pots | Industry Guide

Container gardens are a great way to beautify any commercial environment. Pots and planters come in various sizes, shapes, and colors, so you can always find one that works for your space, no matter the industry. But what happens when you make the WRONG decision?

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size of the wheels

Buyer’s Guide To Extra Large Planters On Wheels & Castors

Bigger is better! Extra-large planters bring an extra-large wow factor to every green oasis. Huge and defining, these planters dominate commercial spaces and bring a larger-than-life experience that cannot be overlooked.
Whether you are interested in planting fruits, herbs, flowers, or trees, a large planter can help create a focal point.

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Whether you require bespoke planters tailor-made for your project or just want to get your hands on a supply of our world-class planters, reach out to our team today and let’s create something special!

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