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Vietnam CDM Helps You Supply Planters To Landscapers

When it comes to landscaping, a landscape planter can be a great way to add color, visual interest, and even height to your customer’s garden or yard, or commercial space. There are many different types of planters available on the market, so it’s important that businesses and residences choose one that has style and substance – like those at Vietnam CDM!

So, let’s take a closer look at what landscapers and their customers look for when buying a planter!

What Are Landscape Planters?

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Landscaping planters are different-sized containers that are used to hold potted plants and other elements of greenery. They are usually placed in a container garden or on patios, along a garden wall, or near walkways, and they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours.

Landscapers use them to add interest and dimension to different spaces to help achieve the business goals of their clients.

Why Do Landscapes Need Planters?

There are many reasons why planters are perfect for landscaping. Vietnam CDM works with landscape architects to constantly improve our range and deliver the best solutions for container garden landscaping as well as supplying pots for large commercial landscaping projects.

Let’s take a look at some benefits of a modern approach to container landscaping:

Planters are a feature that draws in crowds especially to open patio areas. The National Restaurant Association’s 2021 Industry report showed that 56% of casual dining and 62% of fine dining businesses expanded outdoor space since the pandemic started to draw in more foot traffic.

Planters can provide a green and inviting space for customers and guests to relax while spending time in a commercial or residential property. This is extremely effective at meeting business goals as a study in 2015 discovered that products and services were deemed up to 25% more valuable when paired with elements of nature.

By adding planters to a commercial space, owners can also help improve the mood and productivity of their staff. The Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace, a 2021 study from Human Spaces, found that workers with access to natural elements, such as greenery and sunlight achieve;

  • 6% more productivity
  • 15% more creativity
  • 15% higher levels of well-being

For residential landscaping, a few well-chosen planters can transform an empty garden space to an inviting place to enjoy day or night. 

With a simple arrangement of containers, adding complementary colors, cozy areas of shade and lush plant life, functional and comfortable spaces can be achieved.

For larger container gardening projects such as those for local governments and commercial premises, flower pots can have a positive impact on the environment by helping to improve air quality, providing a green space for people to enjoy, and increasing biodiversity, particularly outdoors.

South Beach Style
Vietnam CDM planters look stunning in parks and private gardens. ©Jay Scotts
Our square planters are centerpieces in this residential landscape. ©GardenWorks Supply
Landscape planters make this landscape beautiful
Landscape planters make your customer’s landscapes stand out. ©Citiscapes / Jay Scotts

Modern Landscaping Planter Trends

The shape of flower pots is also important as it can affect the overall look of the space. The best-shaped planters for landscaping are those that fit the space available and the desired type of plants and improve the value of the property.

Let’s look at how differently shaped planters can be used to meet the goals of landscaping customers.

1. Rectangular or square planters

orange planters
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These shapes are versatile and can be used to plant a variety of plants, plus they take up less space. Rectangle and square planters offer a clean, simple look that can be easily incorporated into any type of landscaping design but are particularly effective at lining a patio, yard, deck, or walkways.

2. Round planters

round planters on a deck
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This shape is a timeless choice and provides a soft, curved look that landscapers help to create a more relaxed atmosphere. Round planters at Vietnam CDM are also especially easy to clean and maintain. This ensures a flawless landscape with the added benefits of a container garden.

3. Small or low planters

Our small fiberglass planters are elegant and trendy. ©The Plant Guy

These flower pots are easy to move around and can be placed in a variety of different locations. Small flower pots are also less likely to tip over than larger planters, making them a safer option for landscaping projects where there will be a lot of foot traffic.

Small plant pots look great on an outdoor table with colourful flowers or when incorporated into a garden design. They provide visual impact on a front porch or entrance and add textures to larger areas like a courtyard or around a pool.

4. Tall planters

large round planters
Our tall planters are used as feature pieces in landscape design. ©Jay Scotts

These can add vertical interest to a space and help to create the illusion of a larger landscape. Tall containers are also ideal for container gardens where you want to plant tall plants or trees. If you’re looking for a way to bring height and drama to your landscaping, tall planters are a great option.

Try using three sizes to add height and create contrast.

Find your perfect outdoor planter with our guide!

Vietnam CDM’s Most Popular Landscape Planters

What Do Landscapers Consider When Choosing A Planter?

Here are four factors that landscapers typically take into account when choosing a container or flower pot:

What Plants To Grow – Different types of plants require different types of planters. For example, if the plant pots are for vegetables or trees, landscapers need a planter that’s deep enough to accommodate the roots of the plants. Whereas herbs and succulents need only a small container and minimal soil.

The Size Of The Planter – The size of the plant pots you choose will depend on the size of the area you’re looking to fill. If you only have a small space, such as a patio, balcony or deck, then a small planter would be sufficient. However, if you have a large landscape to fill, such as a backyard, then you’ll need something larger. In addition, planting large plants in large pots can make a big impact.

The Planter Material – Planters are typically made from either plastic or ceramic. Plastic planters are usually cheaper and lighter, making them ideal for smaller spaces or for use as temporary planters. Ceramic and concrete planters, on the other hand, are more expensive but are also more durable and typically look better.

The overall best material for long-lasting and stylish quality, however, is fiberglass. Learn more about why we chose fiberglass for our planter collection.

Climate – Certain types of plant pots are better suited for certain climates. For example, if your business is in an area with a lot of sun, then you’ll need a planter that can withstand the heat and weight of planting large trees for shade.

On the other hand, if you live in an area with a lot of rain, then you’ll need a planter that can drain well to prevent the roots of your plants from getting waterlogged with excess moisture.

Fiberglass planters tick all these boxes and provide rain, snow, frost, and UV protection for potted plants as well as being sturdy enough to plant large trees for shade.

Jay Scotts planters Via Mizner Luxury Apartments
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Planters next to boat
Bonn Boat Show planter installation with rectangular plants. ©Jay Scotts
Planters can be used in large landscapes, or to create intimate settings. ©Jay Scotts

Popular Landscape Planter Materials

Traditional materials like steel, wood, or ceramic have not gone away, but advances in style, design, and new materials have given rise to a new generation of landscaping planters with both long-term style and substance. Property owners look for quality, value, and long-lasting planters, and the type of material used is crucial to this.

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A planter’s material can affect:

  • how the planter looks
  • how the planter fits with other elements on the site
  • how long the planter lasts
  • how easy the planter is to clean and maintain
  • how plants will grow

Let’s take a look at some of the materials in demand at restaurants:

1. Ceramic and Terracotta planters

Never one to go out of fashion, ceramic remains a popular planter material because it is classic-looking. Though very stylish, it is easily broken and not great for high-traffic areas.

2. Wooden Planters

Wooden planters are a good way to add a natural element to any space.

They can be left natural or stained to match the decor but can rot quite quickly and are not good for customer-facing situations where presentation is key.

3. Metal Planters

Metal is a popular planter material because it is durable and easy to clean.

These planters are heavy and only suit some interior and exterior designs.

4. Plastic Planters

Plastic is cheap, however, due to plastic’s negative environmental impact; it’s not renewable, non-biodegradable, and has a short lifespan, plastic is not ideal for commercial use.

Most people use plastic planters for seedlings and upgrade to a substantial pot when it’s time to present their plants.

5. Fiberglass Planters

Our recommended choice for outdoor and indoor planters. Ultra-lightweight and durable, our fiberglass planters are made of the highest quality materials. UV and weather-resistant, Vietnam CDM fiberglass planters also require little maintenance and look fantastic across commercial and residential spaces.

Read more about CDM’s superior planter materials and finishes.

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What Colours Do Landscapers Look For When Choosing Planters?

Landscapers also need to consider the colour of the potted plants that will be placed in the planters, as some colours may not work well together.

  • Colour complements mood The colour of the planter is also important as it can help to create a certain mood or atmosphere. For example, a white planter would create a feeling of peace and serenity, while a brightly coloured one would add a touch of fun and excitement.
  • Go neutral for a safe bet! When it comes to colour, landscapers usually prefer neutral colours such as black, white, or green. These colours can blend in with most types of container garden and won’t clash with the beautiful plants you’re trying to grow.
  • Choose a bright colour to stand out If landscapers want their planter to stand out, then choosing a brighter colour such as red or yellow can create a focal point. Just be aware that these colours may attract more attention to the plants you’re trying to grow, rather than just complement the surrounding space! Here’s some outdoor inspiration for planters to spruce up your new space!

How Big Do Landscapers Want Planters To Be?

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ideas for tall planters
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ideas for tall planters
Interior Plant Scapes of Ft Meyers/ Jay Scotts

Most landscapers prefer planters that are 12 inches deep and 18 inches wide. This size is large enough to accommodate most types of plants but not so large that it takes up too much space.

Get your sizing right with our go-to size guide for pots!

Vietnam CDM Custom Built Planters

How flower pots are made finishing department
Custom manufacturing planters is our forte. ©Vietnam CDM
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All CDM planters come with extra layers of UV protection beyond that of the natural material. ©Vietnam CDM

In addition to our standard range, we also offer custom planters for clients that want a particular length or height. We also offer ODM and OEM services for brands that want to launch their own range of planters. This is particularly effective when targeting niche industries.

Learn more about our custom planter capabilities and manufacturing expertise.

Get More Landscaping Customers By Supplying Our Landscaping Planters!

When it comes to landscaping, planters can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of a business space. Fortunately, with so many different types and styles of fiberglass planters available at Vietnam CDM, your business will be able to find a planter that ticks all the boxes.

We hope this guide has given you all the information you need, but if there are still some unanswered questions, our blog is at hand to answer them.

As a planter manufacturer, we know how important plant containers are and want to help you meet the needs of your customers. We know that costs and quality are the most important factors, that’s why we chose Vietnam to manufacture our pots.

Contact us to learn more about the exciting opportunities and value we can deliver!

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