Can Fiberglass Planters Stay Out For Winter? Best Winterized Pots

Can fiberglass planters withstand freezing soil? Can fiberglass planters stay out for winter? Are fiberglass containers truly frostproof? The answer to all these questions is a resounding yes!

Fiberglass is one of the most durable and hardy materials out there for planters, they do not rust, they are frost and heat resistant, and there is no fear of breaking.

In fact, fiberglass is often used to make automobile parts, building materials, boat hulls and more. You can be assured that they are the best material at withstanding cold temperatures.

Vietnam CDM’s outdoor planters not only keep outdoor plants safe throughout winter, they also look good doing it.

However, not all planter materials are made equal. Many are not frost resistant; they cannot survive snow and have to be taken into the house or a warmer area during the cold season.

Read on to learn more about how to protect commercial or residential gardens during cold weather, and how to winterize planters.

Who Is This Advice For?

This rooftop uses our Montroy Cube Planter
This rooftop uses our Montroy Cube Planter to bring nature to difficult-to-reach places.

Many of our clients procure planters and plant pots for industries that require outdoor landscaping such as hotels, campuses, and food & beverage establishments.

The following advice is to help commercial buyers decide which planter material is the best, and how your customers can protect their investment with the right winter planter maintenance. Feel free to share our advice with them too!

What Kind Of Planters Can Withstand Freezing Temperatures?

There are so many different types of containers out there, metal pots, ceramic pots, wooden pots, terracotta pots, and more!

To withstand the cold weather, frost, and snow, the materials must not break apart when soil or water freezes in the plant pots. When the container break apart, the cold will have access to the plant roots, affecting its health. When spring comes around, not only will the pot need to be replaced, the plant likely would as well.

To avoid unnecessary expenditure and heartbreak, we share expert insights below on which material is the most suitable for winter.

1. Fiberglass Planters

Can Fiberglass Planters Stay Out For Winter?
Fiberglass planters

Fiberglass planters are by far the best choice – not only will they survive the ice and snow, but they will also continue to look great and keep your plants healthy for many years to come.

Generally, you need commercial-grade fiberglass planters to get the benefits of a professional product such as the stunning visual aesthetics that don’t deteriorate over winter.

Our planters are made to thrive in all elements, from spring, summer, fall, to winter. Not only do we use naturals resins with our fiberglass to create a durable product, but our planter’s durable finish is also achieved through the application of top-quality marine and automotive-grade paint and top coating.

The best part about using fiberglass planters during winter is that they need little maintenance and care even when left outside. Now, what about other containers?

2. Will Glazed Pots Crack in Winter?

glazed pots
Large Glazed Garden Pots Sitting on A Pallet // By Graham Drew Photography

Glazed pots are earthenware pots with a coating of liquid that is fired in a kiln to create a glaze on the outside. Generally, these are ceramic pots, terracotta pots, and clay pots finished with an attractive glaze.

Earthenware is made of permeable material – this means that it is porous, absorbs water, and will freeze during winter, causing the pot to break easily.

Glazed pots fare better than unglazed pots, however, this protective layer is often only on the outside, leaving the bottom and inside of the planter vulnerable.

Leaving these pots in your yard through winter is a huge risk, they might survive one winter, but probably not two. It is better to move them indoors.

3. Will Concrete Planters Survive Winter?

concrete pot covered with a thick layer of melting white snow
Concrete pot covered with a thick layer of melting white snow // Photo by Helena 56

Cement or concrete containers, as a general rule, will not perform as badly as clay pots during winter.

Concrete is a frost-resistant material, except when it gets wet! This can happen as the pot ages and it develops small openings and holes in its surface, this allows moisture in, causing the pot to split. Another issue is the soil freezing in the container, this will expand, and can also cause the planter to crack.

Concrete planters are heavy and hard to move indoors every cold season. The best way to avoid cracking them is to remove half the potting soil during winter, which will allow some space for expansion.

4. Are Plastic Pots Winter-Proof?

Plastic pots covered by snow
Plastic pots covered by snow // Photo by Mulevich

In general no, plastic pots do not do well under wintery conditions, especially in the long term.

The good thing is that plastic pots do not absorb water. However, similar to concrete, they can suffer damage when the soil they house freezes and expands. The planter will then crack.

The issue with using a plastic container for your garden is that plastic is susceptible to ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. The plastic planters will become more fragile and brittle. This can cause the pot to crack apart. Plastic containers often only last for two to three years.

5. How About Other Materials?

What about wood, stone, or metal outdoor planters?

Wood has a natural elasticity and hence can tolerate frozen soil. However, the continuous cycle of freezing and thawing of the soil can damage the planter. All wood pots, even those that are treated, will rot with repeated exposure to moisture. It is best only take out half the soil if you are leaving it outside for winter.

A stone container is clearly made from a durable, highly weather-resistant material. However, it is heavy, hard to handle, and does not suit the look of most modern gardens. If using such planters, make sure they have drainage holes for water to flow out of during winter.

Metal planters are unsurprisingly very resistant to frost; the soil can freeze in them with no issue. However, metal is prone to rust and oxidization over time.

Learn more about the best materials for planters.

5 Great Fiberglass Outdoor Planters

Now that you know why fiberglass is such a good idea for your plants, especially during winter, here are 5 great Vietnam CDM options. Vietnam CDM outdoor planters are treated with a UV-resistant finish and come in many delightful colors!

1. Britz Tall Square Planter

The Britz is a great addition to our square-shaped planters. Its cube shape is a firm favorite with many corporate clients looking for a modern and sleek look.

Extreme climates will not phase the Britz, it can stay outdoors all year long, making it a wonderful piece to add to rooftops or patios.

With a small footprint, the Britz and planters like it are great to furnish corners of outdoor commercial spaces, transforming lifeless areas into botanical features that your customers value.

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2. Globe Planter

As its name suggests, the Globe planter is a rounded circular planter. A unique and appealing shape that is hard to perfect, Vietnam CDM’s version certainly delivers, not just in look and style, but also in quality and workmanship.

The Globe is made of commercial-grade fiberglass, with outstanding strength and durability. This will look great in your winter landscape with minimal upkeep.

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3. Reade Rectangle Tabletop Planter

Tabletop and wide planter boxes are a great space to showcase greenery, adding much-needed plants and natural beauty to hotel and restaurant patios.

Our fiberglass planters can also be used to decorate outdoor surfaces. By adding winter plants in a beautiful frost-proof container, your commercial property can stand out from the competition and nail that all-important first impression.

The Reade Rectangular Tabletop Planter is made for this purpose. Its short sides and wide opening allows for a larger visual field and more versatile planting space.

Create a mini herb garden in the Reade, plant a variety of wintry plants with different textures for winter interest, or use tall plants to create a hedge that will keep your space feeling private throughout the year – our planters can do it all.

4. Corry Cylinder Planter

Standing tall and slim, the Corry Cylinder Planter is simply a beautiful piece. A statement planter like the Corry will easily be the focal point of any indoor or outdoor space.

These stunning planters come in three different sizes, suitable for many different plant needs.

Unsure what planter size you need? Find out how to select the right size pots for your plants.

5. Hudson Extra Long Rectangular Planter

The Hudson takes your breath away!

Measuring 100 inches in length, this is the longest rectangular fiberglass planter Vietnam CDM has to offer. Huge and elegant, it will elevate any garden.

Rectangular containers are perfect for planting in outdoor spaces, as they offer excellent water and soil carrying capacity, and will look outstanding in any commercial setting.

Find out more about choosing the best planters for outdoor gardens.

Notes on Winterized Planters

When winter comes along, it is always a good idea to protect your frost-proof planters and plants, to ensure they thrive in the cold weather. Check out our tips on how to protect pots below!

Avoid Waterlogging in Cold Weather

The ground can freeze during winter, which can cause water flow issues for planters, trapping water inside with the soil and roots.

Lift the pot above the ground during these months to ensure water can exit through the drainage holes. Use pot feet, small tiles, or even wine corks, to elevate the pots during winter.

Insulate The Plant Pots

Keeping planters warm is key during cold conditions. A few layers of bubble wrap will help ensure that the pots are protected against the freezing winds and reduces frost access to the plants.

Winter Care For Fiberglass Pots

Even though fiberglass pots are low maintenance and require no special upkeep. A little care will go a long way. Here are some tips.

Wipe and clean the exterior with mild soap and a soft cloth. This will protect the finish on the pots and maintain its luster.

For added protection and a glossier finish, apply a coat of high-quality marine-grade wax twice a year. The extra effort is worth it, as the wax contains sealers that fill microscopic holes in the finish coat, keeping it brand new.

The Best All-Season Choice – Fiberglass

Fret not whether the temperatures are dropping steadily or reaching soaring heights with Vietnam CDM planters. Whether it’s a backyard patio or a rooftop garden, fiberglass is undoubtedly the best choice for your composite planter box.

The durability and resistance to cracking and corrosion will ensure that your planter lasts for many years, regardless of temperature changes or general wear and tear. It is the lightest composite and the most professional-looking material too.

Learn more about fiberglass and the different types!

Why Choose Planters From Creative Design Manufacturing?

8 planters

Our fiberglass pots are available in an extensive range of colors and sizes that are sure to beautify any outdoor space. Though each planter is hand-crafted and inspected rigorously for quality control, we ship our fiberglass pots with a 3-year warranty to emphasize our commitment and the value of our products.

Many customers swear by fiberglass outdoor planters for their private deck, restaurant patio, or even their corporate campus because they require almost zero maintenance and also improve the overall health and wellness of your plants over time.

Fiberglass planters also really shine when used for indoor commercial applications due to their innately durable and lightweight nature, professionally painted appearance, and flexible style and design.

In fact, our fiberglass planters are behind some of the most well-known brands in the USA and America. Learn more about our distribution partners.

What is your biggest problem right now with sourcing planters? We’d love to hear from you.

Send us a message to get your answers fast. Or, in the meantime, browse our inventory of standard fiberglass planters (p.s. we offer custom planters too!)

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