Are Resin Planters Durable? FAQ & Guide

Let’s play word association. I will say a word and you say the first word that comes to mind. 

Ready? Durable. 


Chances are if you play this game with the most knowledgeable manufacturers and reliable distributors, you will get variations on the same answer.

This is because resin is an incredibly diverse material that is used to make countless products that require strength and commercial performance. 

From boats to tables to our high-quality planters, resin is wildly popular among manufacturers because of its durability and versatility.

In fact, using resin in our products has a lot of benefits for our business partners. Along with durability, resin offers:

  • a professional and clean appearance
  • years of service without degradation
  • easy maintenance of scratches and scuffs
  • a waterproof and frostproof product

But unfortunately, there seem to be a lot of misconceptions about this material because of its many varieties and uses. In this article, we will explore some common questions about resin containers so that you can make an informed purchasing decision on your next plant containers.

What Is Resin?

Natural resin // Photo by EugenePut

In the natural world, resin is secreted by plants as a natural defense mechanism against attack and injury. These protective qualities are emulated in the manufacturing process to create a durable material that can shield your pots and planters from hot climates and freezing temperatures alike.

The Science Of Resin

Resin being applied to a planter
Resin being applied to a planter / ©Vietnam CDM

When we hear of resin in the material world, it is basically an umbrella term that covers many different types of materials. Simply put, resin is a natural, complex compound that can be converted into polymers and used to provide support and structure for other composite materials.

Our resin is made from non-plastic linear low-density polyethylene (LLDP), which creates a high-quality polymer that we bind with composites like fiberglass.

A true resin composite blend includes 4 or more parts that distinguish this material from regular plastic:

  • a strong inner core of fiberglass
  • a central protective layer of fiberglass
  • indestructible resin to bind these layers together
  • an outer layer of resin used to form flawless surfaces

When properly crafted, resin planters will last from season to season without a single crack, a speck of rust, or a hint of fading.

Are Resin Planters Durable?

Resin fiberglass planters are extremely durable and will last much longer than other traditional planter materials because they naturally withstand abuse from all kinds of external forces, including weather and wear and tear.

Here are a few of the benefits of using such a durable material for your potted plants.

1. Resin planters withstand the elements

Rectangular Planters outdoor
Fiberglass resin planters sparkle in front of commercial properties

No matter where you plan to build your garden, you can rely on your resin planter to hold out against the blazing sun, as well as winter rains and snow. Resin planters are non-porous and non-hygroscopic, which means that water and mineral salts will stay in your planter keeping your moisture-loving plants healthy.

This planter material also does not absorb excess moisture from the air, nor will it oxidize like metal planters do, so your resin planter will resist the urge to degrade.

2. Resin planters stay intact all year-round

Fiberglass planters outside in the sun
Fiberglass planters are perfect outside in the sun, rain, or snow!

Due to the change in temperature between growing seasons, other planter materials swell in hot weather and contract in cooler weather. Especially when it comes to outdoor planters, small cracks that result from the expansion and contraction of your planter can compromise your entire plant. The durability of resin means that these pots tend to handle the fluctuation in temperature well, even if they are kept outside in the wintertime.

3. Easy to modify with drainage solutions

Watering timer

Since resin planters retain moisture so well, outdoor planters can hold excess water due to heavy rains and flooding which can become a risk to your plants without drainage solutions.

With many natural materials like terracotta or cement pots, you run the risk of cracking or damaging your planter when you add more drainage holes. With metal planters, adding holes may be impossible. But with resin, it is easy to adjust your planter and provide adequate drainage for your plants.

Simply add a few drainage holes using a normal drill so that your plants can continue to thrive.

In addition, a resin-based product like a fiberglass planter is lightweight enough to move around container gardens to avoid wet areas. You can also add self-watering solutions without worrying your planter will become too heavy.

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4. They are maintenance-free

painting fiberglass planters
All CDM planters come with extra layers of UV protection beyond that of resin alone.

Our resin planters are an excellent investment because once they leave the factory, they will not require much maintenance at all.

After all, who wants to spend extra time on cleaning planters, or extra money on repairing cracked plant pots? 

You can rest assured that your resin-based planters will not only look brand new for years to come but you will also be safe-guarded by resin’s natural ability to ward off wear and tear. The end result? This saves you precious resources like time and money.

To go beyond the high performance of resin, the outer surfaces of our planters are sealed with a UV-resistant coating which gives our planters an extra layer of security from winter rains and graffiti artists alike.

5. Resin planters are strong and lightweight

Fiberglass planters are loaded into a truck
Resin planters are transported easily and safely.

Large or extra planters can become heavy once you have added potting soil and plants. To make redecorating your garden much easier, a lightweight material that is not going to be difficult to move around may be a priority for your customers. If that is the case, then resin may be the ideal planter material.

Because resin is a lighter weight than other materials, it is also less expensive to ship. The bottom line is that no matter where you are in the world, whether you are purchasing smaller containers or putting in large purchase orders, you will save money when you import our high-quality planters.

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Is Resin Plastic?

Resin is not plastic. The main difference between plastic and resin is that plastic is made from synthetic petrochemicals, whereas resin is derived from plants. This is perhaps the most common misconception about resin, and it tends to give this material a bad rap. In reality, there are very few similarities between plastic and resin.

Think about it this way: all flowers are plants, but not all plants are flowers. Yes, the plastic planter that you bring home from the nursery is made of a polymer like resin, but not all polymers are created equal or come from the same source.

A plastic container is ok for smaller plants

The type of plastic pots that you can find at your local hardware store are made from a high-density polyethylene, which is lightweight but not very strong or flexible. So it is very easy to take your plants home from the nursery in this type of container, but after some time, these lightweight plastic pots will begin to crack and show signs of wear from the weather.

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Are Resin Pots Better Than Plastic?

Resin pots
Resin pots // Photo by Rosamar

A true resin blend made with low-density polyethylene is much more durable than plastic due to its biological and chemical composition.

The reality is that plastic planters are just not built to withstand changing temperatures, extreme weather, and wear and tear in the same way that resin planters do. In most cases, resin pots and planters are the way to go if you want a durable container that is still lighter weight than many natural materials, like stone, concrete, and terra cotta.

Resin is better in cold weather

Plastic planters are not a great choice, especially if you need an outdoor planter. For one, you cannot leave plastic pots filled with potting soil in cold temperatures. Otherwise, they will crack in the freeze and leave your plant roots exposed to potential damage.

While you would need to replace your plastic containers every year or two, resin planters stay intact in almost any weather condition, from winter rains to sunny summer days.

Resin is better for plant health

The Tonto Square planter
Using resin and fiberglass, all our planters produce luscious plants

If you want to grow vegetables in your outdoor planter, it is best to steer clear of plastic containers. Some types of plastic will leach harmful chemicals into your soil and render your food inedible. Your vegetable garden needs pots and planters made of more natural materials to grow food of the highest quality.

Plastic vs Resin: The Verdict

So yes, resin is better than plastic – if you want a planter that will last for years to come and nurture your plants.

Plastic planters simply do not have the structural integrity to endure and maintain their purpose throughout growing seasons.

So, Why Resin Fiberglass Planters?

Indoor fiberglass planters
CDM planters are found in the world’s most beautiful interiors

We strongly recommend resin-infused fiberglass planters because they feature all of the amazing properties of resin, but they are reinforced with the added strength and sleekness of glass fibers.

Our fiberglass planters are different from regular mass-manufactured plastic. Our resin blend is carefully applied to each planter by hand to create bespoke products. Our molding process and the flexibility of resin fiberglass materials means we can manufacture any planter shape that fits your needs.

Whether you want a sleek, modern planter for an office lobby or a decorative flower pot fit for an art museum, this planter material enables our products to suit any aesthetic.

Find out the perfect planter shape and size for your project needs!

Final Words On Resin

Resin fiberglass planters in particular are an investment that is worth making for your business. Once the planter is installed, you will spend much less time, energy, and funds on repairs and maintenance.

Eventually when they do need to be replaced, your customers will be so impressed with how long their planter lasted that they will be calling you again when it is time to buy new planters.

And just because your planters are durable doesn’t mean they can’t be manufactured to fit your needs. Contact us today to order standard and custom planters that will look great in any environment!

Are You Ready To Work With Us?

Whether you require bespoke planters tailor-made for your project or just want to get your hands on a supply of our world-class planters, reach out to our team today and let’s create something special!

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