Amazing Rooftop Garden Ideas

Does your office building or apartment building have a large rooftop terrace that is in need of a some sprucing up? Well, why not transform it into a rooftop garden that is full of color and life! A rooftop garden not only adds a decorative appeal to the exterior of any building, it also provides a relaxing space for your employees, renters, patients or guests. In return, a rooftop garden has the potential to increase morale and deliver a touch of sophisticated professionalism. While designing a rooftop garden may sound easy, it’s not that simple. If you want to make yours stand out from others, it’s best to create a custom design that will impress everyone who has the pleasure of walking through it. Here are a few rooftop garden ideas that can help turn your vision into a reality without going over budget.


It might be a good idea to section off your rooftop terrace if you want to use it to serve multiple purposes. For example, you could use one side as a non-smokers section and one as a smoker’s section. If this is the case, you may want to consider creating a fence or privacy panel using a couple of our long, rectangular plant containers. Simply line them in a row to fit the size of your space.


The easiest way to bring some style to your rooftop terrace is by creating a border using some of our trough planters or rectangular planters. Once in place, you can then use the planters to house and display floral selections, ornamental grasses, plants, herbs, fruits or vegetables. Some edibles that happen to also be decorative are purple cabbage, cimmaron lettuce, rainbow chard and cauliflower.

Wheeled Planters

We understand that you may have to move the planters depending on the season and the type of plant contained within them, which is why it might be a good idea to consider patio planters that are equipped with rolling wheels. If you can’t find the right type of pots and planters with casters to fit your needs, you may want to look at making your own. It’s actually really simple. All you need to do is place your plant containers on wheeled bases purchased separately. Just make sure the wheels lock to avoid the planters from rolling around when they’re not supposed. to be.

Grow Beds

If the space calls for planters that are lower to the ground in order to not obstruct a view or window, we recommend sticking with some low-lying grow beds. These unique planters sit low to the grown, allowing them to accent your terrace in all the right places without getting in the way.

After reading over this list, you are hopefully inspired to start designing your rooftop garden. The final thing you need to consider in order to do so is the quality of the planters you use. We offer an array of patio pots and deck planters that can be incorporated into your garden makeover. Feel free to shop around and let us know if you have any questions or would like to place a custom order.

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