Are Resin Planters Durable? FAQ & Guide

Let’s play word association. I will say a word and you say the first word that comes to mind. Ready? Durable. Resin!

Chances are if you play this game with the most knowledgeable manufacturers and reliable distributors, you will get variations on the same answer.

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How To Plant In Pots Without Drainage Holes | Is It Safe?

Improper drainage holes can cause serious damage to houseplants and can even lead to their death.

Not to worry though, today we’re going to explain how to plant in pots without drainage holes and how you’ll be able to maintain your plants and keep them healthy!

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7 Best Plants That Don’t Need Drainage

There’s nothing more exciting than decorating and styling your home with new plants, and house plants also add a pop of color that other decorative tools lack.

However, plant care is a major factor to consider.

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What Are The Best Landscaping Planters For 2022?

As more evidence mounts of the physiological and psychological benefits of plants, plants are quickly becoming the superhero of offices, malls, and residential buildings the world over.

Using landscaping planters to furnish residential and commercial buildings is no longer a strange idea. In fact, it has become expected of any company worth its salt.

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Pot Sizes

Best Custom and Standard Pot Sizes For Plants + Handy Size Chart

Looking to grow or start your container garden but not sure what size pot to get?

Choosing the correct pots for plants can be stressful, especially when you are a newbie. Usually, nurseries provide the first pot your new green baby goes home in, often in plastic pots or clay pots. But this is not the best home for your plant and will eventually kill it.

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