Uplifting Outdoor Spaces With Large Commercial Planters: A Comprehensive Guide For Landscape Architects

For most people, container gardening is a way to introduce beautiful displays of greenery to various indoor and outdoor spaces. While small and medium sized planters do a great job at this, especially when the planter is made from a high quality material such as fiberglass, nothing really compares to large commercial planters.

Large commercial planters are your best bet for creating blooming presentations of plants in and out of any commercial property. At Vietnam CDM, we understand this more than most, which is why we pride ourselves on our extensive choice of commercial indoor and commercial outdoor planters to suit your every need. Whether high traffic spaces in retail buildings or open-air applications in any outdoor space, we’ll take you on a tour of all your planter related FAQ’s.

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Purposeful Design with Large Commercial Planters: Beyond Aesthetics

modern outdoor planters
©Penthouse Pool Club / UA Companies / Jay Scotts

When you first think of large commercial planters, it’s easy to be fooled by the sheer size of the planters. With the technology and manufacturing prowess available today, modern planters can become obscenely large, which, though serving some purpose, is often times overkill. Simply put, it’s important to strike a balance with large planters.

This is why fiberglass planters from Vietnam CDM are so great. While there are other high-quality materials on the market, most experts agree that fiberglass is the best out of them all. Putting their sheer aesthetic appeal to the side, you recognize that they have many functional aspects such as the fact that they’re lightweight and extremely durable.

Take for example the Cuba Low Corner Planter. Coming in a wide range of sizes, these are optimal for serving aesthetic and functional purposes. In the case of the project pictured above, they added an elegant splash of green right by the pool.

Uniting Landscaping Expertise With Quality: Vietnam CDM’s Collection of Large Commercial Planters

large commercial planters
©Vietnam CDM

To get an idea of the large planters available at Vietnam CDM, check out the online catalogue of commercial planters. The great thing about most of these planters is that they come in small and large sizes, so they can fulfill any design dream you have. Once you start looking, you’ll realize there’s a whole host of ways you could play around with large planters!

Some things to consider with indoor spaces are…

  • What’s the overall aesthetic of the interior design?
  • How will your large planters plants fit in relation to the rest of the space?
  • Will the large planters be in high-traffic areas or spots like waiting rooms?

Some things to consider with outdoor spaces are…

  • What’s the overall aesthetic of the landscaping?
  • What’s the climate like outdoors?
  • What plants do you want to pot in the planters?

Of course, these are just a few basic questions to be asked. There are many more to consider when using large commercial planters but having answers to these is a great place to start!

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Ensuring Long-term Excellence: Quality Assurance for Landscape Architectural Ventures

Planters installed in the Gates South Beach Resort
©Geomantic Designs / Landscape Architecture / Vietnam CDM

Focusing a little more on why fiberglass is so great for large plant pots, it’s best to learn more about the various materials and finishes we use in our manufacturing process.

Our commercial planters are made from the highest quality fiberglass which then goes onto be bonded with resin to ensure the most durable yet lightweight product. This makes our large planters perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. While other materials can end up weighing too much, making them impossible to move around, you won’t have the same problem with our containers.

The durability of our large commercial planters make it possible to start growing more unique types of greenery. This is especially true for outdoor applications. While other plant pots might from prolonged exposure to outdoor climate conditions, fiberglass has no problem. If you want to find out more about what you can do with large containers, read up on this guide to large planters in 2023!

Bringing Visions to Life through Customization: Tailored Solutions for Landscape Architects

poolside planters
@Dalmar BobGundu / Jayscotts

While businesses benefit from our wide selection of wholesale planters, sometimes we have customers looking to create their own unique large planter. At Vietnam CDM, we offer Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) services that allow you to do just that, so if you have specific shapes or sizes of planters in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can help!

Working alongside our dedicated team of skilled craftsmen, we can guarantee an excellent experience with our customization services. Using the same high quality fiberglass we use in all our wholesale products, your vision will be considered every step of the way with meticulous precision so that the end product is just what you envisioned.

Whether you want planters for patios, restaurants, or offices, we’ve got you covered!

Elevate Your Landscapes: Collaborative Success with Vietnam CDM

©Vietnam CDM

Whether you’re a landscape architect or a homeowner looking for some way to spruce up your outdoor patio, we can guarantee you’ll be able to find the large planter you want from our wholesale collection.

Basically, you have two choices. Our wholesale collection will allow you to start introducing greenery to any space almost immediately, all you have to do is find the planter that suits you from our extensive list of choices. You can find square planters, round planters, or even more unique shapes like globe planters. Even better is that once you choose a specific planter, you can even customize it further when you add color!

On the other hand, if you’d like to have a specific type of planter constructed by our team, that’s also possible. We advise you to get in touch first to get the ball rolling, and from there we can figure out how exactly we can help. No matter what option you go for, we’re confident we can help you with any of your planter problems at Vietnam CDM.

Want To Make A Long Lasting Impression With Large Planters? Look No Further Than Vietnam CDM

As stated throughout this post, large planters are one of the best ways to make a statement with your container gardening. Not only do they create a visual magnet with their sheer size, so long as they’re made from fiberglass like they are at Vietnam CDM, they’ll also be durable, lightweight, and have a host of other benefits.

If you’re someone looking to begin making a statement with large planters, don’t hesitate to contact us one of our team members at Vietnam CDM. This will allow you to start asking any questions you might have related to container gardening with large planters. On the other hand, if you’re ready to purchase, check out our wholesale collection for all the best fiberglass planters on the market. You’ll be happy to know we also offer a stellar warranty to keep your mind at ease – Happy gardening!

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