Elevate Design Excellence With Architectural Outdoor Planters From Vietnam CDM

Whether you’re a newbie gardener or the most seasoned landscape architect, architectural outdoor planters can pose an equally confusing challenge. This is because while most people know of basic forms of container gardening, many aren’t even aware of what architectural planters are in the first place!

Simply put, architectural planters are large planters used to add visual interest to an outdoor space–be it a garden, patio, or any other outdoor space! Depending on the planter manufacturer, the materials used for outdoor planters can range from stone, metal, aluminum, plastic, and even concrete. However, most experts will agree that the best contemporary planters are those made from fiberglass. This is the type of planter we are known for over at Vietnam CDM!

With over 90 different planter styles that can help you boost curb appeal in any way imaginable, we at Vietnam CDM have an innate understanding of what’s best for your plants and flowers. Combine that with the high-quality polyester resin we use for our planters, we believe we have the perfect fiberglass planter for retail, wholesale, and even custom-made purposes.

In the following sections, let’s take a closer look at architectural planters to give you a better idea of what we’re talking about.

Beyond Aesthetic Charm: Unveiling the Purpose of Architectural Outdoor Planters

large commercial planters
©Vietnam CDM

While architectural planters serve a role by fulfilling the decorative dreams of gardeners and landscape architects, they’re really much more than pieces of beautiful furniture. On top of their aesthetic purposes, these outdoor planters also function as dividers, privacy screens, and hubs of natural life!

Consider the 70325 Tall Rectangular Planter pictured above. Situated on the side of the rooftop pool, this cool planter not only introduces a beautiful splash of greenery to the area, it also provides a bit of privacy so residents can really let loose. Given their fiberglass makes, landscape architects also don’t have to worry about these planters breaking as a result of sunlight or rainfall.

This is what we mean by beyond aesthetic appeal. While planters should add visual interest, there’s a whole myriad of other ways they enhance an environment. Want clean lines? That’s possible with a square or rectangular planter. Want bespoke architectural planters? Vietnam CDM has you covered!

Setting the Gold Standard: Why Vietnam CDM Stands Out for Designers and Installers

modern outdoor planters
©Penthouse Pool Club / UA Companies / Jay Scotts

With decades of experience in the business, there’s a reason why Vietnam CDM has withstood the test of time as a planter manufacturer. With an utmost dedication to the design of fiberglass architectural planters, we have and continue to have an understanding of the need for a quality planter that ticks all the boxes.

Our commitment to delivering on this promise is why we remain the leading distributor of high-quality fiberglass planters, and why we’re beloved by clients and customers to this day. Our clients and customers come from a variety of different backgrounds, and we know what it takes to deliver on every one of their needs.

Architectural outdoor planters
Architectural outdoor planters by Vietnam CDM

Take for example a project we did with one of our clients for the Penthouse Pool Club in Washington. They wanted to include architectural planters to their open rooftop pool to provide a bit of style to the environment, all the while improving privacy from onlookers. This was done by adding our immensely popular 69141 Cube Planter. With its square shape, this planter fits just about anywhere, and as you can see from the picture, it does a great job there!

Craftsmanship in Every Detail: The Manufacturing Excellence of Vietnam CDM’s Outdoor Planter Creations

©Zola Properties / Jay Scotts

With our decades-long experience in the field, our team at Vietnam CDM has come to understand what it takes to produce architectural planters that are of the highest standard. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for a plant on an outdoor patio or a landscape architect with a client’s dream to realize, the intricate manufacturing process of our planters ensures that you can do all these!

At the end of the day, the secret sauce is the fiberglass material. By combining the fiberglass with a bonded resin, we can ensure that you have the most durable planter that can go in just about any outdoor space. From the start of the process, until the planter arrives at your doorstep, our team is there to make sure no stone is left unturned.

What do you think of the 69729 Narrow Rectangular Planters installed in our Zola Properties project? Like all of our architectural planters, this one went through an extensive manufacturing process that leaves you with such a quality planter!

Demonstrating Impact: Architectural Outdoor Planters in Real-World Outdoor Applications

While so far we’ve talked about the quality of our planters, we’d like to provide you with some more real life applications of their use. These commercial projects were completed by landscape architects using our planters!

The Gates

commercial outdoor planters
©The Gates MB / Jay Scotts

One of our proudest achievements to date, The Gates really elevated their outdoor landscape with the addition of our planters. By choosing various shapes and shades of blue planters, they were able to introduce a playful contrast to the environment that made the environment picture perfect.

The Dalmar

poolside planters
@Dalmar BobGundu / Jayscotts

Taking a look at the image above, it’s easy to get an idea of the luxury The Dalmar project was looking for. The hotel came with a rooftop pool and lounge area for guests, and though the interior was set with greenery, they needed to top it all off with some planters that would function outdoors. This is where Vietnam CDM’s fiberglass planters came in handy, transforming this commercial space into a spot of beauty for guests.

Quality Assurance: Why Vietnam CDM Matters for Client Satisfaction in Outdoor Environments

Planters for front yard
©Garden Works Supply / Jay Scotts

Focusing a little more on the quality of our products, we’d like to once again touch upon the almighty fiberglass planter. Anyone working in the industry is aware of the fact that fiberglass planters are simply the best out there. This is especially true for outdoor planters.

While indoor planters can get away with not having to deal with circumstances brought on by the weather and climate, outdoor planters have to face these factors head-on. This is why it’s vital to choose one of Vietnam CDM’s fiberglass planters. They are built to last, not to mention built to be beautiful. So no matter rain, shine, storm, or snow, with one of our planters, you’ll be able to create any gardening aesthetic you want.

Read this article to learn more about the types of pots you can use!

Elevate Your Next Outdoor Endeavor: Collaborating with Vietnam CDM for Architectural Excellence

poolside planters
©Gregorys Greenhouse / Jay Scotts

Collaborating with us is one of the best ways to get access to a whole collection of architectural planters that can suit your every need. Not only do we have distributors all around the world, our ODM and OEM services will ensure you can get just what you’re looking for.

This isn’t limited to just landscape architects and homeowners–If you’re a real estate developer, wholesale distributor, or an individual brand looking for some quality planters to step up your container gardening, we’d love to start building a lasting relationship with you!

Just think, soon you could have something like the 69230 Extra Large Round Planters adding some beauty to the great outdoors.

Vietnam CDM Is Your Best Bet For Architectural Planters For Any Outdoor Space!

Architectural planters are one of the best ways to introduce greenery to an outdoor space. Not only do they provide style and beauty, there are numerous ways in which these planters can be extremely functional as well. This lets you get the best of both worlds.

For those of you who want a company for all your planter related questions and solutions, there’s nowhere better than Vietnam CDM. Offering a large collection of fiberglass planters, you’d be sure to find what you’re looking for. Our stellar warranty will also ensure you don’t have to worry after making a purchase.

Whether you’re a landscape architect or humble homeowner, don’t hesitate to contact us to get started!

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