Painting Fiberglass Planters: Paint Brands, Advantages, and How to Do It

Fiberglass planters are a great option for gardeners who want to give their plants a great makeover. Giving them a fresh coat of paint provides a protective layer against weather and keeps them looking lovely for all to see.

But painting planters can be tricky because done the wrong way, the paint tends to come off easily.

This blog post will look at what brands of paint work best, how to do it, and what advantages different paints offer you!

Can you paint fiberglass planters?

Yes, painting fiberglass pots is possible. in fact, painting planters is a great way to give them new life and takes decorating to a new level of fun and creativity!

Paint cans top view and paintbrush
Paint cans top view and paintbrush @ FikMik / Getty Images Pro

If you decide to paint your fiberglass pot, get yourself a high-quality exterior-grade paint that specifically works with fiberglass material so that the finish can last as long as possible.

How often do I need to repaint my painted plant pots?

If your planter is in an outdoor space, like on the front porch, which is not sheltered from rain or sun exposure, then you may want to inspect your planters as often as every six months and touch up areas that are beginning to show some signs of wear and tear.

Wheeling Rectangle Fiberglass Planter Box
Jay Scotts heeling rectangle fiberglass planter box @ Eplanters Website

Indoor planters, because of the protected environment inside, typically need less frequent touch-ups – around once per year.

How to prevent painting your planters

Spray and wipe down your fiberglass plots occasionally to help to remove any dirt and grime that has accumulated. Fiberglass surfaces just need a little attention to look shiny and fantastic again,

Spray bottle and rag
Maintain your fiberglass planter by cleaning it occasionally @ ROMIXIMAGE / Canva Pro

Also, remember to bring your flower pots inside during really cold winters so that they don’t get excessively cold. This can result in little fractures in the fiberglass surface.

What are the advantages of painting fiberglass plant pots?

Easy to do

One big advantage is how easy it is to paint them! Painting these pots means you can completely customize your pot with whatever design and color scheme you want. Meaning you can stay ahead of decor trends and keep customers, clients, or your family engaged with new color arrangements.

Easy choice
Easy choice @ baona / Getty Images Signature

Extend the lifespan of your planter

A fresh coat of paint on your planters helps them last longer and maintains their value especially if they are for outdoor use. Storms of rain and snow can destroy flower pots that aren’t properly sealed from moisture.

Rectangular Planters
Rectangular planters @ Jay Scotts

Fiberglass is not a very high-maintenance material, but a quick paint helps you cut down on time spent cleaning the pots as the coat will keep dirt off and keep the pot dazzling.

Extend the wow factor of your planter

Your lovely little front porch display can stay modern for over ten years with a little care, and container gardening with fresh-looking planters is always a pleasure.

PE river rocks
River rock fiberglass planter @ Planter ETC

Now you are inspired and have decided to paint your fiberglass or plastic planter, let’s look at some ways to paint.

What type of paint should I use?

When buying fiberglass paint, stay away from oil-based or melamine products. The best paints for a fiberglass project are acrylic (100%), polyurethane, polyester, and epoxy paints. 

As plastic and fiberglass materials are essentially the same thing in terms of paint, any kind of outdoor plastic paint produces good results when it comes to fiberglass pots. They typically come as spray paint or brush-on paint.

types of painting
Paint cans @ mdmoon / Getty Images Pro

Many paint brands state their products don’t need a primer but it’s best to use one anyway to make sure the paint adheres to the fiberglass surface, especially if the planter will be used outside.

Things to consider when choosing the right paint for your pot

When shopping for your paint, it’s important to consider:

How much time do you want to spend?

Some brands offer double coverage so the job is finished quicker.

Will children or pets be interacting with the painting process? –
spray painting
Spray painting @ blueclue / Getty Images Signature

Some paints are non-toxic and pet-friendly.

What different weather conditions will the pot be used in?

Paints are focused on indoor and outdoor use with just basic or advanced weather protection.

Different paint brands target different applications from in the garden to indoors. It’s advised to shop around to decide what’s best for your fiberglass pots.

Paint brands and what they offer

The most popular brands worth considering when painting fiberglass plant pots include:

Krylon – Fusion Paint

Krylon’s fusion paint line is a great option for fiberglass because it is resistant to chips and weathering and comes as easy-to-use spray paint. Krylon state that you don’t need to use a primer too.

krylon fusion all in one
Krylon Fusion All-in-one @ Krylon Website

Dunn-Edwards – Evershield

Dunn-Edwards “Evershield” is also a good brand for high-quality outdoor paints. The brand claim to do a great job on plastic planters for up to ten years!

dunn edwards evershield
Evershield paint @ Dunn Edwards Website

Rust-Oleum – Touch Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum has a range of spray paint in 10 different vibrant colors that work excellent on fiberglass products.

3 colors of Rust-Oleum - Touch Spray Paint
3 colors of Rust-Oleum – Touch Spray Paint @ Internet

How to paint fiberglass planters

To touch up the exterior of your fiberglass planters, you’ll want to make sure that the planter is clean and dry again before painting.

Apply coats in this order: primer-main painting color-acrylic topcoat.

Here is a step-by-step guide:


  1. Prepare your fiberglass surface. You can do this by lightly sanding them with a fine-grit sandpaper.
  2. Wipe them down with an ammonia-based household cleaner to remove any remaining dust, and then let it dry completely.
  3. Cover any nearby areas that you don’t want to get paint on such as plants, furniture etc. That way there will be less risk for these things getting covered in messy paint!
  4. Make sure you are in a well-ventilated area or room because now it’s time to apply one coat of primer over all surfaces of your plant pot.
  5. After around one hour, make sure the fiberglass pot is completely dry before another light sanding. and applying another layer to create a smooth base. Again, lightly sand any areas with an unwanted texture.
  6. After two coats of primer, the plastic paint will adhere very well and the pot is better equipped for outdoor garden use. Let the primer dry completely before the next step.
Apply priming
Apply priming with brush @ Kaboompics .com / Pexels

Brush or spray-painting

  1. After priming, now’s the time to spray paint or brush your planter with color. Don’t paint inside the planter but make sure you apply even coverage over the rest of the outside.
  2. Let the paint dry completely before using the planter. This should typically take around 12 hours for spray paint and brush paints to dry.
  3. Sit back and enjoy the great transformation you have created as you sit on your front porch or garden with your brand new painted outdoor planters!
Spray painting @ alacatr / Getty Images Signature

How can you make painting your fiberglass planters easier?

Use a step ladder and some buckets to create a workbench to place your pots on.

You will also need high-quality brushes, paint wipe, or rags to clean up any spills that occur while painting outdoors. All of these tools can be found in the home dept of popular retail stores.

If you are working in the garden, make sure that your other plants don’t get painted accidentally. It’s always best to use a tarp on the ground to avoid spills.

Empty your planter of any potting soil before you paint. Then fill it again when you have finished.

If you’re going to spend money on your planters, why not make sure they last? Our planters are available to order in various colors that are stunning and keep your planter and plants safe and healthy. Plus, we do all the painting so you don’t have to! Check out how we custom design your planter for any project you can imagine!

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