Custom Design

At Creative Design Manufacturing (CDM), our Research and Design Team works tirelessly to ensure that our fiberglass planters are not only the highest quality planter on the market, but also the most progressive and elegant. The result, over seventy standard designs in a multitude of sizes, resulting in options to tackle any project you can imagine.

Tailored to your liking

We stand behind our wide selection of planters, yet we also understand that sometimes projects require tailored specifications. At CDM, we are proud to offer wholesale custom, or made-to-order, planters which are produced with the same high-quality materials for which CDM is internationally recognized.

Worker at Fiberglass planters Factory
Worker at Fiberglass Planters Factory

Manufactured in-house

We are the designers – bringing concept to reality – the manufacturer, and the distributor; we do not outsource any portion of your project. From initial concept through the production workflow, to delivery, our team will work with yours to create your bespoke planters.

Overseen by designers

Our Research and Design Team works in the same location as our production team members. That means, every step of the project is managed in-house and our engineers and designers are with your planters through every step of the manufacturing process to ensure strict adherence to your design and specifications.

Tech Department at Fiberglass Planters Factory

Rigorously tested for quality

Once an order is placed, our team will work with yours to finalize and create 3D renderings of your planter. When the specifications are approved, we will begin the fabrication of the molds to create your planters. It is worth noting that this process, including the production of your planters, can take up to ninety days.

Every planter is subjected to our rigorous quality assurance process; only after passing several layers of quality control will your planter be packed and prepared for shipping. Custom planter orders ship internationally from our factory in 20’ or 40’ shipping containers, minimum order quantities (MOQs) do apply.

Are You Ready To Work With Us?

Whether you require specific planter dimensions for your project, or just want to see your dream-design planters in real life, reach out to our team today and let’s create something special!

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