Developer’s Guide To Poolside Planters + 6 Tips For Hotels And Resorts!

A pool is one of the best features to upgrade any hotel or resort. In terms of the perceived value of any outdoor space as well as customer satisfaction, nothing can really beat beautiful blue water. There’s something primal and yet intensely sophisticated about the appearance of a swimming pool, tapping into our deep ancestral elements whilst bringing about sleek elegance to any given landscape.

It’s really a win-win!

Furthermore, according to statistics in 2015, 26% of people around the world consider a swimming pool area to be an essential accommodation amenity. That’s over one-fourth of the whole population on Earth, so it’s really no surprise landscape designers consider the addition of a swimming pool as the most important thing on their checklist to tick off.

Yet, with only a pool, sometimes it feels like something’s missing – That’s where planters come in handy!

A planter and the plants that fill it are one of the best ways to create a space around a pool that has clients always returning to your property. In this post, we’ll take a look at 6 ideas to help get you started with figuring out how best to decorate any outdoor space with plants and planters. You’ll have your own blue and green oasis in no time!

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6 Planter Tips For Any Outdoor Living Space

1. What’s The Overall Theme? Enhance Any Outdoor Space!

planters with palm trees in patio
©Jay Scotts

To kick off the list, it’s important to understand how much difference plants, pots and planters can make. With them, it’s possible to craft a theme for any outdoor space, whether that be the backyard, patio, or swimming pool at a hotel or resort!

Imagine for a second a garden without greenery, or a pool without water. People feel that similar sense of emptiness when they’re staying on any property without plants. Though it might sound like a stretch, when you think about it, it’s only natural that people connect to a room filled with life in the form of plants and flowers – It’s engrained in our being!

So, not only are planters and plants crucial to enhance that sense of comfort we feel in any given location, you can take this a step further by curating an overall theme that’s perfect for what you’re looking for.

For example, how about some Caribbean flavor for a hotel smack middle of a large city? If it comes with a rooftop pool area, the 69497 Extra Wide Large Rectangle Planter or the 69761 Railing Planter can add a splash of fun while providing shade from the sun for anyone lounging in the pool. Depending on the material of the planter and the plants chosen to be grown inside, the style can also change!

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2. Minimal Elegance With Sleek Swimming Pool Planters

Planters by a swimming pool
©Jay Scotts

Designing a poolside space in a minimalist fashion can be an excellent option when trying to create the overall ambiance of luxury in a hotel or resort.

While kids might prefer a more jungle feel from plants and planters, adults on a weekend getaway sometimes want nothing more than to be put at ease by their surroundings. Simple, minimalist designs like the 69025 Low Rectangular Planter or the 69367.C Corner Planter are a great choice for this.

You can’t go wrong with a rectangle or square shape. In a way, they’re the perfect planter shape because they do everything that’s advertised and nothing more, making it possible to maintain that sense of minimal elegance while growing your favorite plants.

To add some interest, you could contrast a sophisticated planter with colorful flowers or small trees – Now things are really starting to get fun!

3. Low Maintenance Pool Area Planters

Planters for commercial swimming pools
©Dalmar / Bob Gundu / Jay Scotts

There’s nothing worse than spending a pretty penny on a commercial swimming pool, mulling for hours over tiny details to perfect it when visitors stop by, only to then watch as it gets dirtied by the various occurrences nature throws its way.

That’s why a planter is such a great asset!

Not only does it allow for the bountiful growth of a whole collection of beautiful plants and flowers that turn any drab setting into a mesmerizing landscape, it also allows for less maintenance on areas like a swimming pool, backyard, or patio!

Most homeowners are aware of the benefits of a planter. Having one in a backyard, patio, or yard can instantly create a real sense of homeliness. On top of this, with the right selection of planters, it’s possible to build a privacy screen so nosy neighbors can’t disturb you – With the right plants, a similar effect is had on pesky insects!

Taking that knowledge and applying it to a swimming pool is what makes planters around pools so great. Less maintenance means you can spend more time catering to your client’s needs, ensuring they get that vacation they’ve been dreaming about!

For an idea of a good planter choice, how about this 69010 Long Rectangular Planter? Able to hold large plants or a selection of perennials, you’ll be able to create the style of your choosing!

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4. Unique Poolside Planters For A Breath Of Fresh Air

©Gregorys Greenhouse / Jay Scotts

So far we’ve discussed how you can create a theme with different planters, how to maintain minimalism with a planter, and how planters help with keeping the upkeep of an outdoor space simple.

But what if you want to bring some real flair to a pool area? While the type of plants you grow can add that extra splash, have you ever thought of starting from the bottom with the planter?

Unique pool planters are the ideal choice for having a planter that’s as photo-worthy as the plant. The 69817 River Rock Planter (small) is one such option. Also available in medium and large sizes, this type of planter is designed to look great by the pool, and can also fit in any corner! How about planting succulents or shrubs inside? The smooth and curvy look of the planter will have guests in relax mode in no time!

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5. Custom Fiberglass Planters For Any Outdoor Living Space!

On the off chance standard planter options don’t cut it, there are always custom planters…

Custom fiberglass planters are great because they put you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to create pots that are tailored to your every need. This makes it possible to bring your planters to any outdoor living space, from a pool, backyard, or patio!

Planters for hardscaping
©Salon National / Jay Scotts

Some examples of what’s possible:

  • The right planter to soften the concrete floor surrounding a resort pool
  • Planters to fit large plants, hedgerows, shrubs, or even small and large trees
  • Outdoor planters that can withstand even the most extreme weather elements

These are just a few examples. Really, the choices are endless, it all depends on your individual needs. Upon deciding what you want, our design and production team will create the planter sizes and shapes that your project needs!

See how our OEM and ODM custom fiberglass planter services can help your brand.

6. What Are The Best Planters For A Hotel Or Resort Pool Area?

The previous tip mentioned fiberglass planters but some of you might be wondering what they actually are. For our last tip, let’s take a look at what the best planters for a hotel or resort are!

Fiberglass Planters

penthouse pool club
©Penthouse Pool Club / UA Companies / Jay Scotts

You’d be hard-pressed to find a planter more worthy of the title, ‘best overall planter’ than a Fiberglass planter. They tick all the boxes, from their durability, repairability, design flexibility, and lightweight materials, all in all, making for a quality, low-maintenance yet beautiful planter.

These planters are great for use pretty much anywhere, but they really shine in outdoor spaces because of how they can withstand all sorts of climate conditions, from extreme cold to sunny, palm tree summers!

Terracotta Planters

Perhaps the quintessential planter in terms of general popularity, the terracotta planter is a great choice for the gardening hobbyist, who simply wants a pot for a plant.

Ideal for use indoors or outdoors in a spot like a backyard, these planters are porous and allow water and air to pass through, promoting healthy plant growth. However, some downsides are their weight and how they can crack after extended periods of use.

terracotta planter
©Manfred Richter

Metal Planters

metal planters

Not commonly thought of for use as a planter, the metal planter provides a stylish look that can draw people in on its own. However, metal planters are not the best for outdoors because of how quickly the pot can heat up on a sunny day, or damage plants when it’s cold. They are especially dangerous around pools as the harsh pool water can cause rust.

Fiberglass Planters Are The Best For Around Pools

After years of research and development, testing different planter materials in installs and projects, we can firmly say that fiberglass performs the best and provides our customers with the solutions they need for a number of different and challenging use cases.

Learn why fiberglass is the best planter material for landscaping and development projects!

Swimming Pool Planters FAQs

While we’ve gone into some tips to up your poolside planter game, here’s some extra information to round it all out.

Can you plant plants around a pool?

Yes, you can grow plants around a pool! But as discussed in this article, it is much less complicated to use planters by a pool than to grow plants directly in the ground. Keep these points in mind and your plants will flourish:

  1. Chlorine, in small doses, is not harmful to plants – Don’t worry if pool water splashes into pots, just make sure they are not getting doused in it!
  2. The area around a swimming pool can get extremely hot in the summer, especially if the floor is concrete. To prevent plants from overheating and dying out as a result, place a planter on wheels to keep it directly off the ground. For maximum safety, use a fiberglass planter built to withstand such weather, and opt for a light color scheme to reflect sunlight!

What are the best plants to put around a pool?

A swimming pool usually evokes the image of a hot, sunny day. However, some pools are in cooler locations–Think a mountain resort! In line with this, plants around a pool should be able to withstand exposure to sunlight and cooler temperatures. Here are some plants that can handle those factors.

  • Succulents like Aeonium, Echeveria, and the Century Plant (great in hotter climates).
  • Flowers like the Golden Iris or Broadleaf Lad’s Slipper (great in colder climates).
  • Citronella and Basil (great as insect repellents).
  • Hedges, Ferns, Shrubs (great for privacy).
  • Vines like Ivy (great for hiding unwanted areas like a bit of concrete or a shed).
  • Trees like an Acacia Tree, Citrus Tree, or Palm Tree–It doesn’t get more resort-like than that!

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Best Poolside Planters By Vietnam Creative Design Manufacturing

Creative Design Manufacturing Has Everything You Need To Supply Pools With Beautiful Planters!

Poolside Planters are what take any commercial outdoor space to that next level of tropical beauty for clients to relax in. From introducing lush greenery right by the pool, all the while adding benefits like privacy and insect repellent, there’s so much a poolside pot can add.

If you’re now interested in shopping for a custom fiberglass planter that’s just right for you, look no further than Creative Design Manufacturing! We are fiberglass planter manufacturers with the best research and manufacturing expertise and unparalleled customer service to ensure you supply the very best planters for your customers.

With ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) services, on top of an industry-leading warranty Vietnam CDM is poised to help grow your business with our planters!

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