Plastic vs Fiberglass 101: Which Material Is Best For Planters?

When it comes to choosing pots for your plants, you may be wondering whether to go with fiberglass or plastic. Both materials are popular and have their own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to weigh your options before to help make a decision.

Fortunately, here at Vietnam CDM, we are at hand to help you make the best decision. As a manufacturer of premium composite material products such as fiberglass planters, we have a unique insight into how plastics and fiberglass can be used to form different objects, their use cases, and the benefits and drawbacks of both.

So, let’s take a closer look at the difference between fiberglass and plastic pots so you can choose which best suits your needs!

Plastic Vs Fiberglass. What’s The Difference?

Plastic vs fiberglass plant pots
Plastic plant pots
Congress Tall Extra Large Planter
Fiberglass Plant pots

Plastic is a material that is made from organic polymer chains of petro-chemicals, while fiberglass is an inorganic compound that is made from glass fibers. Both materials have a variety of uses, but there are some key differences between them.

Plastic is typically cheaper and lighter than fiberglass, making it less durable. Fiberglass, on the other hand, is more costly, and heavier, making it more resistant to damage and perfect for commercial applications.

plastic v fiberglass

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Fiberglass Pots

Fiberglass is made from fiber-reinforced polymers using glass fiber. These fibers are woven together to form a fabric which is then set in a plastic polymer, such as resin, to harden. While often called a fiber-reinforced plastic material, it is different from plastic as the plastic polymer used can be a natural resin. This material is popularly used to create pots, containers, and boat hulls.

Fiberglass sheets are molded to make an exceptionally strong and beautiful planter.

Many large industries use fiberglass, from building and architecture to race cars and super yachts, but let’s dive into the many benefits of owning a fiberglass pot or container!

Cuba Planter
Vietnam CDM Rectangle Planter

1. Fiberglass products are chemically resistant and long lasting

Unlike other materials, the composition of fiberglass makes it chemically resistant, meaning it won’t break down or degrade over time. These physical properties make fiberglass pots and containers ecologically friendly and a great investment for your customers that will last for years.

2. Fiberglass protects in hot weather

Sturdy and capable of withstanding higher temperatures, fiberglass pots and containers are ideal for plants that need a lot of sun or heat. These are desired properties when you live in areas with hotter climates and want to reflect the heat and make outside areas cooler.

3. Fiberglass products offer good insulation

Fiberglass is also a good insulator, with the right properties to keep roots warm and protected. This is because the tiny glass fibers embedded in resin keep the cold from transferring into the soil. In fact, builders often use dry fiberglass mat as an insulation material for houses!

So if you live somewhere with cold weather, a fiberglass pot from Vietnam CDM will help your customer’s plants survive through the winter months! Learn more about using our planters in winter.

4. Fiberglass is exceptionally lightweight

When in a woven structure and bound with resin, the very thin glass filaments of fiberglass offer low weight and high strength. As such, fiberglass products and containers are easy to move around, ship, install, maintain, plant, replant in, and still look stunning.

5. Molded fiberglass products are aesthetically appealing

This is the main difference between fiberglass and plastic products. Plastic and fiberglass can both be molded into various shapes. However, when a fiberglass mat is properly prepared with resin, it creates a smooth finish that gives fiberglass pots and containers an impressive aesthetic appeal!

Just look at what’s possible in the variety of colors and styles available at Vietnam CDM!

High Price, High Reward

Delray Planter

The one thing to note about reinforced plastic material (fiberglass) pots and containers is that, when compared with other materials, they tend to come at a premium.

However, although the initial cost is high, we encourage you to think long-term with your purchases. With its high-quality glass threads and sturdiness in all weather conditions, the glass fibers in our pots will last you for years – far longer than materials like plastic.

Here at Vietnam CDM, you can rest assured knowing that our range of pots are built to last – and then some!

5 Reasons To Consider Plastic Pots And Containers

Planting vegetable seedlings from pots into the ground
Planting vegetable seedlings from pots into the ground

Plastics are semi-organic polymers, or very large forms of molecules grouped together, made from petroleum. Plastic is economical, hugely popular, and widely available. Here are some occasions when plastic might be better than fiberglass!

1. Plastic is cheap

Compared to alternative options and materials, plastic pots are usually a lot cheaper. This is ideal if you’re on a tight budget!

2. Works as a stop-gap option

If you still need time to look for a fiberglass pot but need a short-term option, then plastic pots can be your go-to! Cheap and widely available, just pop down to your local nursery to get started.

3. Plastic is great to use as a starter pot

If you have seedlings or young plants, plastic pots can be a great way to bed your plants in before they are mature enough for larger pots made of durable materials like fiberglass.

4. Plastic is lightweight

Plastic is lighter than most other materials, so it’s easy to move your plants around if necessary. They also stack well, perfect for when you’re on the move.

5. Plastic can make many styles and sizes

Finally, both fiberglass and plastic pots come in a wide variety of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect one to match your budget and decor. Whether you’re looking for a basic plastic pot or something more durable and decorative like fiberglass, rest assured both are manufactured in many different shapes and sizes.

5 Downsides Of Plastic Pots And Containers

Plastic pots and containers have their fair share of shortcomings, which is why we recommend fiberglass overall. Take into account the following when considering plastic pots:

1. Plastic is not biodegradable

Plastic is an organic compound and the polymer compounds that make plastic have a slow degradation. While not suitable for disposal, plastic will sit in landfills for hundreds of years after it is thrown away. It also releases harmful toxins into the air and water when it is recycled to create new products.

2. Plastic products are not a great long-term option

Although on the one hand, plastic pots work well as a stop-gap option, the flip side is that they are not great for longer-term use. Generally, plastic products don’t look great for commercial use and don’t last long enough for most businesses to see a return.

3. Plastic is weak and easily breakable

Prone to breakage and damage, plastic pots generally don’t do well against the elements. Hot summers and freezing winters can crack plastic pots if left outside.

4. They can leak chemicals into your plants

Some plastic pots and containers, especially those of poor quality, can leak chemicals into the soil, causing damage to plants.

5. Plastic can be difficult to recycle

Depending on where you live, access to recycling centers can be limited, and the short-life span of plastic means the plastic is more likely to end up in a landfill soon after using it. Save your time and investment and think long term to be more environmentally friendly.

Offer Vietnam CDM Fiberglass Planters To Get More Customers

Although plastic pots provide benefits as short-term cheaper options, the best material for high-quality and durable planters is fiberglass. In real terms, businesses that invest in planters want to be sustainable, improve the landscape and interior design of their space and increase the value of their products and services. To get these customers, offer fiberglass.

Montroy Cube Planter on a rooftop
This rooftop uses our Cube Planter to bring nature to difficult-to-reach places.

If you’re looking to offer a sophisticated planter solution that attracts both commercial and residential customers and helps them save time and money, we have the manufacturing expertise, product range, and distribution to meet your business goals.

We also know that costs and quality are the most important factors when sourcing a product range, that’s why we chose Vietnam to manufacture our pots.

We hope we have answered all your questions surrounding plastic vs fiberglass pots! If you are trying to decide on the ideal selection of planters for your project, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you need something a little more bespoke, take a look at our tips on ordering custom planters.

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