Buyer’s Guide To Extra Large Planters On Wheels & Castors

Bigger is better! Extra-large planters bring an extra-large wow factor to every green oasis. Huge and defining, these planters dominate commercial spaces and bring a larger-than-life experience that cannot be overlooked.

Whether you are interested in planting fruits, herbs, flowers, or trees, a large planter can help create a focal point.

Huge pots work great for outdoor spaces like a patio, rooftop, or garden where you want to create divisions, pathways.

Giant planters also do well in bringing the outdoors inside – they have the room to grow a wide variety of flowers, herbs, or large house plants like trees or bushes. In fact, it’s possible to address several decor goals with a commercial-grade extra-large planter.

Growing plants in containers bring about the flexibility to change the landscape according to season, taste, or business needs, without any fuss.

The issue with extra-large planters is that some of those benefits are lost given the planter’s size and weight.

The solution is to attach castors with wheels to the bottom, adding functionality to your planters.

Benefits of Using Wheels & Casters On Extra Large Planters

planters on wheels
Planters on wheels // Photo by Pinterest

An extra-large planter can be a practical and delightful addition to your commercial space or home.

Popular amongst hotel and restaurant corporate clients, the big planters are often used to separate areas e.g. the reception area from the lift lobby, to create alfresco dining zones, or simply to decorate spaces like a patio, rooftop, or even just a bland spot.

Interested in commercial planter ideas? Check out our guides to hotels and rooftops.

Depending on the dimensions of your planter, adding casters can improve its functionality and design. The simple addition of wheels, allows you to roll your extra-large planter to any desired location. Redecorating is no longer limited to smaller pots!

Learn more about pot sizes and how to select exactly the right size and shape for your needs.

Who usually adds wheels to large planters?

Adding wheels and castors to large and extra-large commercial planters is usually not done by the end-user. This is because the installation process needs professional tools and skills.

However, landscaping companies, architects, and even plant pot wholesalers will often have the means to alter products for their clients depending on the breadth of services they offer.

Why Can Adding Castors Be Very Helpful?

planter with castors
Planter with castors

For bigger and heavier planters, adding wheels is a helpful feature for customers.

This is a post-purchase addition that results in high satisfaction with the ease that it brings – our residential and commercial customers have found castors to be useful in the following situations.

  • Seasonal Gardens: While Vietnam CDM planters are all-weather planters and can stay out all year round, some plants are seasonal. If you plant flowers, herbs, or fruits, these plants may need warmer conditions during fall and winter. The planters would then need to be brought inside or to a warmer place – something that is easily done with castors.
  • Space with Different Uses: You may have a space that needs to be configured differently at different times, which would necessitate the movement of the pots. For example, you may like to rearrange your shop room space from time to time, or to move planters on your patio to accommodate different group sizes.
  • Planting Above or in Front of a Utility Access Point: Often, planters are used to cover up a bland spot, this could be a drain, a utility meter, or your internet modem. In such cases, the planter would need to be moved out of the desired corner to allow for periodic checking and servicing.
  • Other Needs: You may wish to have a flexible and easily moveable container garden due to style and design needs, or perhaps the planters need to be moved when business hours are over, or due to theft fears.

Things to consider before adding wheels to planters

Whichever category your planter falls into, ensure the following details before adding on casters:

  1. That the planters are not overly heavy.
  2. That the intended ground surface is reasonably decent. This will allow the wheels to function well for many years.
  3. That you are not voiding a warranty when adding wheels. Check with your supplier. If you are the supplier, consult with your manufacturer before altering the product.

What Type Of Wheels Are Needed?

With the above in mind, we now move on to what you need to know before shopping for the casters.

Determine the size of the wheels

size of the wheels
Size of the wheels // Photo by Surasak_Photo

In general, the greater the weight of the planter, the larger the wheels required for your casters. Check the dimensions and weight of your planter to make sure that the wheels can take the load, and increase the room for margin of safety. Increasing the diameter of the wheels will also mean less effort is required to roll the planter.

What You Need to Know about the Caster Rig

Two wheels on white ground
Two wheels on white background // Photo by Jamakosy

Well manufactured industrial casters may cost more, but need less maintenance and will last for many years.

Shop only from reputable sellers, and request information on the design choices, including the swivel sections and the leg thickness and width.

Lockable and Non-Lockable Castors

Lockable casters
Lockable castors // Photo by TS Photographer

Non-lockable, or freewheeling, casters, cost less than lockable casters and are more aesthetically pleasing. This is because lockable castors come with a braking mechanism that needs to be accessible, thus the planters must have a significant clearance from the ground, and the wheels will be visible.

Non-lockable castors only need as little as 5 to 10 mm clearance from the ground, while lockable ones need 70 to 100 mm to be produced.

In cases where locking the wheels are not absolutely necessary, we suggest purchasing the more affordable solution.

3 Great Planters that Work Well with Wheels

8 planters

Thinking of using a big pot to cover a bland spot? Wanting to easily move the plant container to a desired corner?

Check out these 3 great Vietnam CDM pots that will not only compliment any space, inside or outside, but will also work great with wheels!

1. Montroy Cube Planter

The Montroy is the crowd-pleaser. Boasting the forever popular square shape, the Montroy is a contemporary pot that blends into any style of interior or exterior design. Coming in 11 dimensions ranging from 12 inches to 6o inches, you can plant flowers or large trees easily in these pots and they work great with casters!

2. Tolga Rectangular Planter

The square shape of the Tolga makes it a firm favourite amongst green-thumbed gardeners. It offers plenty of planting room for your landscape architect to be creative.

Opt for a plant that bears fruits like the Jujube or a hanging plant like the heart-shaped Philodendron for a greater aesthetic effect.

3. Selenge Extra Wide Large Rectangle Planter

The incredible width of our Selenge planter is worth the money. An especially large rectangular planter with square shape ends, it features a lot of planting space.

It is long enough to plant a hedgerow, or a row of indoor plants to divide a working space, create privacy in a patio, or famously line a walkway. Wheels as accessories are sure to come in handy whenever you need to rearrange your partitions!

3 Places to Buy Castors for Planters

Convinced that castors are great accessories for your extra-large planters? Look no further, here are three places to purchase them. Get ready to rearrange your green oasis.

1. Caster Concepts, Michigan USA

Caster Concepts is a leader in industrial caster and wheel solutions. With a mission to solve your motion problems, they promise to deliver the highest degree of customer satisfaction. Shop from a wide-ranging catalog or get your casters custom-made with Caster Concept.

2. Screwfix, UK

Screwfix is a home improvement company in over 10 countries in Europe, with 766 stores in the UK. They have over 100 castor and wheel products to shop from, with multi-directional options that allow your plants to swivel and move around effortlessly.

3. Homebase, UK

Founded in 1979, Homebase is a retailer to help with your garden projects. Their heavy-duty swivel 100mm caster wheel can move loads up to 103 kg. With four of these attached to your planters, most loads would be manageable.

Our recommendations

We always recommend that wheels and castors be professionally installed so as not to damage the planter and void the manufacturer’s warranty.

If you are unsure, please mention you’re desire to add wheels when you make your order so our consultants can advise.

Though our planters can be paired with wheels and castors, they don’t need to be. Our fiberglass planters are so lightweight that they are easily picked up and moved to where necessary.

Go Round And Round

With our buyer’s guide to wheels for planters, we hope you are no longer on the fence. Adding wheels to planters increases design flexibility without compromising on style. It helps create a garden in a space where movement is prioritized by adding pragmatic beauty.

Creative Design Manufacturing’s Value

This rooftop uses our Montroy Cube Planter
This rooftop uses our Montroy Cube Planter to bring nature to difficult to reach places.

Creative Design Manufacturing offers hand-made fiberglass planters in any size, shape, or color to suit your project needs.

Assured with a three-year warranty, our planters have been rigorously tested for quality to avoid the problems that usually come with extra-large planters such as structural integrity and durability.

In fact, our fiberglass planters are so well made that they are behind the most well-known brands in the USA and Canada. Learn more about our distribution partners.

What is your biggest problem right now with sourcing planters? We’d love to hear from you.

Send us a message to get your answers fast. Or, in the meantime, browse our inventory of standard fiberglass planters (p.s. we offer custom planters too!)

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