What Are The Best Landscaping Planters For 2022?

As more evidence mounts of the physiological and psychological benefits of plants, plants are quickly becoming the superhero of offices, malls, and residential buildings the world over.

Using landscaping planters to furnish residential and commercial buildings is no longer a strange idea. In fact, it has become expected of any company worth its salt.

Health benefits aside, adding a botanical landscape provides color, texture, and intrigue that no other element of decor can match.

Though looking after plants can be tricky? Not with the right equipment, it isn’t. Using commercial planters keeps your landscape neat, tidy, and thriving.

The result? A warm and beautiful interior or exterior landscape with happy customers and professional-looking furnishings.

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But with so many planter manufacturers, how do you choose the right one?

When it comes to planters, we at Vietnam Creative Design Manufacturing are the experts. With years in the business and a manufacturing process to be proud of, we know our stuff.

So here are the best planters on the world market for 2022.

10 notable planter designs for your home or outdoor landscape

By integrating elegance, functionality, and professional appeal, Vietnam CDM offers solutions for landscaping projects the world over. Here are our favourite planters.

1. Britz Tall Square

These planters add a modern touch to any décor. With long crisp lines and a tall slender body this shape of planter is also space-saving and can fit in rooms where floor space is a premium but decor is priceless.

Britz Square planters come in three different sizes to allow modular arrangements. Available in our full range of colours, they are perfect for gardens, restaurant patios, lobbies, and private residences.

Britz Tall Square Planter
Britz Tall Square

2. Montserrat Rectangular

The Montserrat landscaping planter is made of lightweight, indestructible high-quality fiberglass and will last for years. These elegant rectangular planters are particularly effective in restaurants to divide dining areas and even create a perimeter for patios and porches.

Available in wide range of matte and glossy colours, these powerhouses of decorative planters allow you to create magnificent displays of color and botanical intrigue.

Montserrat Rectangular
Montserrat Rectangular

3.River Rock planters

Carefully sculpted to resemble river rocks, our River Rock planters introduce an organic and botanical landscaping theme to your space.

The irregular shape and intriguing presentation of the River Rock planter make it a talking point in any landscape. Try using the River Rock planter on a large table in a formal or corporate space to breathe a little fresh air into the decor.

Ornamental grass, flowers, or even succulents are the perfect plant companion to these eye-catching planters.

River Rock planters
River Rock planters

4. Montroy Cube

Available in 11 different standard sizes from a sweet little 11 inches to a whopping 60 inches squared, The Montroy Cube is perhaps the most adaptable and durable planter there is.

Made from fiberglass, these landscaping planters are also super lightweight, tough, and weather hardy when used outdoors. So forget about landscaping maintenance costs!

Montroy Cube Planter
Montroy Cube

5. Spiral Modern Globe

With stacked concave layers forming a modernistic globe, these plant pots have unique designs that work well in any contemporary and traditional decor, and are a common favourite for resorts, villas, and hospitality sectors.

The reason? They exude chic style and luxurious living vibes. Try planting trailing vines, like English Ivy to perfect laid back, yet professional appearances.

Unlike other materials on the market like plastic, terracotta, and concrete that rarely make it through a few winters, our frost-resistant coating makes this stylish planter durable to the max, meaning fewer headaches for you or your customers.

Spiral Modern Globe Planter
Spiral Modern Globe

6. Timbrell Modern

Another unique feature piece, the Timbrell Modern planter has all the shape and organic appearance to wow customers and guests. Made from our winning formula of high-quality fiberglass resin and attractive finishes, the Timbrell Modern planter can be used both indoors and outdoors to adorn style-less areas with a one-of-a-kind rustic design and attention-grabbing form.

A carefully crafted wooden base supports the Timbrell Modern to guarantee elegance while also serving as a talking point. This planter is especially effective in lounges and outdoor patios where beauty and form are greatly appreciated!

Timbrell Modern Planter
Timbrell Modern

7. Vienna Focus Bowl

With a shallow depth perfect for plants with short root systems like grasses, vines, and succulents, the Vienna Focus Bowl enhances the intimate atmosphere of your space. Made from the finest fiberglass materials and finishes that will last for years, the Vienna Focus Bowl can also withstand any weather conditions so are ideal for lining walkways or adorning the corners of courtyards.

Vienna Focus Bowl
Vienna Focus Bowl

8. Globe Planter

Classic, spherical, and fresh, our Globe Fiberglass Planter is the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary designs. Though they look great in any area, from residential to commercial, they look particularly good as office decor.

Large plant pots like these look difficult to move, but our quality fiberglass manufacturing process means our products are lightweight and easy to handle. The result is a solution that is flexible to your decor needs. You won’t need a team of landscapers to adjust your decor design. Simply arrange your planterscape as you see fit.

Globe Planter
Globe Planter

9. Lisbon Tall Round Tapered

Planting trees has never been more elegant and effortless than with the Lisbon Tall fiberglass planter. Utilize it in commercial lobbies, restaurant patios, or gardens and decks for a fresh take on presenting plants to your guests.

Despite their tall cylindrical size, these home and garden planters are surprisingly lightweight and unintrusive in high traffic areas. Our time-tested and superior fiberglass manufacturing process means our planters are resistant to wear and tear and the effects of harsh weather conditions. So don’t be afraid to place the Lisbon planter in professional indoor or outdoor settings. They will never disappoint!

Lisbon Tall Round Tapered
Lisbon Tall Round Tapered

10. Seoul Modern Rectangular

The Seoul Modern Rectangular Planters is as eye-catching as it is practical. While displaying plants in a unique way with graceful lines and Korean inspired curvature, the Seoul Modern planter can be used to divide rooms, line walkways, and decorate waiting areas. In fact, adding a touch of the East to your landscape can really set your space apart.

Whether you choose to use the Seoul Modern planter indoors or out, this artistic planter will wow visitors for years.

Seoul Modern Rectangular Planter
Seoul Modern Rectangular

Why Vietnam Creative Design Manufacturing has the best planters

Vietnam CDM is proud to offer a range of standard planter products and custom designs for bespoke projects. Our meticulous investment in quality, design, and manufacturing means a flawless product is delivered on time every time.

1. Garenteed longlife quality

Each fiberglass planter is passionately quality controlled at every step of the fabrication and finishing process.

From the careful production of high-quality fiberglass materials to the UV-protective high-grade automotive paint used to finish the product, Vietnam CDM products are ideal to use outdoors and indoors with consistent professional results. Our 3-year guarantee ensures it.

2. Professional landscaping appearance

Using planters to present your botanical decor is the preferred way in professional environments. Installing, maintaining, and displaying landscape plants in planters saves time and money. Not only will potted plants enjoy a stable environment to grow in, but any mess is contained within the container.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance landscape for your commercial purpose, using Vietnam CDM planters is a great option.

3. Healthier garden

One of the best things about our planters is the benefits it offers plants. Fiberglass is a sustainable material which doesn’t leach chemicals into the soil and harm your plants.

Plus fiberglass is a non-porous material that won’t dry out quickly like concrete or metal. This means healthier plants, and less headaches for watering and fertilizing. Our planters reduce the stress that usually comes with keeping plants alive. Plants just simply love Vietnam CDM planters!

Find out all the benefits of becoming a Vietnam Creative Design Manufacturing wholesale partner today by contacting us with your burning questions!

Or if you are looking for more planter based decor wisdom, be sure to check out our guide to custom and standard plant pot sizes. What is the best pot size for your plant? Find out now!

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