What Is The Biggest Plant Pot? A Guide To Big Plant Pots

Some of the world’s biggest plant pots exceed more than 2 meters, as is the case for the Guinness world record holder for the largest terracotta flower pot. But some pots go even bigger, as we will see.

But why build them so big?

Big pot plants make a statement. As an interior design element, big pot plants can be used to create a variety of looks and feels in a space.

From sleek and modern to warm and inviting, these versatile pieces can help set the tone of any space. And because they come in such a wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles, especially at Creative Design Manufacturing Vietnam (CDM), there’s sure to be a big pot plant that’s perfect for any home or office.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the benefits of big pot plants and some of the biggest pot plants of all time!

Who Uses Big Pot Plants, And Why?

big planters in mall
Outdoor planters

Who are big pot plants for?

Well, just about anyone who wants to add a touch of style and substance to their space!

The biggest plant pots are often used as striking centrepieces in office lobbies or as part of store displays. Large plant pots are so versatile and flexible, that they can also be used to add some green to an outdoor patio or deck in residential settings.

Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or simply want to bring a bit of nature indoors, these eye-catching pieces are a great way to do it.

There are many benefits to using big pots, making them ideal for a wide variety of plants. They:

  • Help to aerate the soil, improve drainage, and protect roots from extreme temperatures.
  • Provide ample space for plant roots to grow and spread out, which results in healthier plants.
  • Can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings, and can be placed in a variety of locations.
  • Can withstand most bad weather, unlike smaller pots
  • Can make a space either sleek and modern or warm and inviting. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and planter styles, so there’s definitely one that would be perfect for any room.

Interested in sourcing fibreglass planters, but unsure what design or size to go for? Contact us and we’ll be right on hand to help.

The Biggest Plants And Plant Pots

large round planters
©Jay Scotts

Some of the biggest plants require extra large plant pots when they start growing. Let’s take a look at four of the biggest plants and their equally massive pots!

Giant Sequoias

Generally, the biggest ever pot plants of all time are those that are used to cultivate giant sequoias – or redwoods. These trees are some of the biggest – and rarest – in the world, and they can grow as tall as 115 feet with trunks that are as wide as 27 feet. To support such giants in the first stages of their life, the pots had to be correspondingly large, measuring up to 16 feet in diameter.

Elephant Ear Plant

The first on our list is the elephant ear plant. This massive plant can grow up to six feet tall and eight feet wide, and its huge leaves can reach up to two feet in length. The elephant ear is a tropical plant, so it needs plenty of warmth and humidity to thrive. However, if you can provide the right conditions – and pot -, this plant is sure to make a big impact on any home.

Titan Arum

If you’re looking for an even bigger plant, the titan arum is a good option. This massive plant can reach heights of 10 feet or more, and its leaves can span up to six feet in width. Native to Sumatra, it’s known for its awful odor and huge blooms which can reach up to three feet in diameter. The titan arum is a bit more challenging to grow than the elephant ear, but it’s definitely worth the effort if you’re looking for a truly impressive plant.

Giant waterlily

Finally, we have the giant waterlily. This massive plant can grow up to eight feet across, and its flowers can span up to four feet in diameter. Native to South America, and it’s known for its beautiful flowers and large leaves – so large they can even support the weight of a child. This plant is definitely not for the faint of heart, but if you’re looking for a true statement piece, the giant waterlily is definitely worth considering.

And Finally – The World’s Biggest Plant Pot!

The world’s biggest flower pot is located in the city of Guangzhou, China. It is 9 meters tall and has a diameter of 6 meters. The pot was built in 2005 and can hold up to 24,000 litres of water. It is made of concrete and is decorated with reliefs of lotus flowers.

The Best Ways To Use Large Plant Pots

Jumbo planters can be placed on patios, decks, balconies, in gardens, or even inside homes. Here are some reasons why you should get a big plant pot, and some inspiration on how best to use them!

1. Create an outdoor garden

Peaceful corner in the garden
Peaceful corner in the garden

Large planters can be used to create a beautiful outdoor garden, meaning you can:

  • Use massive plant pots to grow a wide variety of plants, flowers, vegetables, and herbs to flourish in a durable and beautiful container; adding to biodiversity and creating a relaxing environment
  • Create privacy screens or windbreaks.
  • Jumbo plant pots suit all kinds of settings from commercial patios, pool decks, rooftop bars and balconies, in gardens, and inside residential homes.

2. Add curb appeal to your home

outdoor shot of swimming pool with palm tree
outdoor shot of swimming pool with palm tree

Large planters can give your home or commercial space a boost – just remember the following:

  • By adding a few well-placed planters to your front porch or entryway, you can give your home an instant facelift.
  • When landscaping and choosing plants for your large planters, it’s important to consider the size and shape of the pot. You’ll want to select plants that will fit well in the space and that won’t outgrow the pot too quickly. It’s also a good idea to choose a variety of plants with different textures and colors to add interest.
  • When it comes to placement, think about where the planters will be most visible from the street. This is typically near the front door or along a walkway. Once you’ve selected the perfect spot, be sure to prep the area by adding some drainage material to the bottom of the pot.

3. Create privacy

Poolside Privacy
Poolside Privacy
  • By placing large planters in strategic locations, you can add height to areas of your garden and foliage to block out any unwanted views or prying eyes. This is especially helpful around pool areas. See our guide for the best plant pots for pools!

4. Dress up your patio

Hotel entrance exterior decorated with plants in pots
Hotel entrance exterior decorated with plants in pots
  • If you have a patio that could use a little bit of dressing up, large planters can be a great way to do so. By adding a few stylish plant pots, you can instantly transform your patio into an inviting and relaxing space year-round. Try using linear plant pots to create a safe enclosure!

5. Create a focal point

Garden landscape
garden landscape
  • If you’re looking to add a focal point to your landscaping, large planters can be an easy way to do so. By placing a large plant pot in a central location, you can create a stunning visual display in your garden or commercial space that will be the envy of your neighbors or competitors.

Want some more inspiration? Check out our best planter arrangement tricks and tips!

Best Materials For Large Garden Pots

Fiberglass material

The best material for plant pots is fiberglass.

As a manufacturer, we are biased. But so are the thousands of professionals and organizations that use our planters including

  • Landscape architects
  • Commercial and real estate developers
  • Home and business owners who want outstanding quality

Although stone pots, plastic pots, and traditional materials like terracotta are a popular choice for outdoor plant pots, jumbo plant pots should be made from a more sophisticated material, especially when used for trees, shrubs, and other large landscape plants.

To see more about how fiberglass stacks up against traditional materials, see our full buyer’s guide to plant pot materials!

Choosing The Right Plants For Your Plant Pots

1. Make sure that the plants you choose are appropriate for the climate in which you live.

Outdoor composite planters
Outdoor composite planters

If you live in an area with a lot of sun, then pick plants that can tolerate full sun. If you live in an area that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight, then pick plants that can do well in shady conditions.

2. Choose plants that are the right size for your plant pots.

indoor palms
Indoor palms

Though there is much more nuance to picking the right size outdoor planters, generally if you have a small planter, then pick smaller plants. If you have a large planter, then you can choose larger plants.

3. Consider the amount of care that each plant needs.

watering outdoor plants
watering outdoor plants

Some plants require a lot of watering and fertilizing, while others are more low-maintenance. Pick plants that fit your lifestyle and that you’re willing to care for properly. If you are worried about water, check out our guide to commercial watering tricks and tips to save money!

4. Make sure that the plants you choose are compatible with each other.

indoor plants
indoor plants

Bigger plants can overcrowd lightweight plants, so make sure they are well spaced. Some plants may require small planters or cover from too much sunlight before being moved into big pots. Some plants may also need more water than others, so it’s important to group them together properly. Also, make sure that the plants you choose don’t have conflicting light or temperature requirements.

5. Once you’ve chosen the right plants for your planters, it’s important to plant them properly.

Planting vegetable seedlings from pots into the ground
Planting vegetable seedlings from pots into the ground

Make sure that you dig holes that are the appropriate size for each plant, and that you give them enough space to spread out and grow. Water them regularly and fertilize them according to their needs. With a little care, your plants will thrive and your large planters will look great!

Getting The Most Out Of Your Large Planter

How flower pots are made
How flower pots are made

To get the most out of your large planters, it is important to choose the right plants. Keep in mind some of the following tips:

  • Amount of sun and shade the planter will receive
    • Big plants often require more light but also will get burnt if left in full sun all day without shade.
  • Amount of space that you have available
    • Choose plants that are appropriate for the size of the planter and for the climate in which you live.
  • Amount of drainage material at the bottom of the planter
    • When planting, make sure to add a layer of drainage material such as gravel or sand to the bottom of the planter. This will help to prevent the roots of the plants from becoming waterlogged.
  • Beware of overwatering
    • Water your plants regularly, but do not allow them to become saturated. Overwatering can lead to root rot and other problems
  • Fertilize your plants regularly!
    • This ensures your plants are getting the nutrients they need to grow. If you are growing vegetables, adding compost to the soil will help them to thrive. Flowers will benefit from a general-purpose fertilizer.

Go With Large Pots To Make A Statement!

This rooftop uses our Montroy Cube Planter
This rooftop uses our Montroy Cube Planter to bring nature to difficult to reach places.

Extra-large plant pots are a surefire way to impress, and even having just one can make a big impact on your space. By preparing and planting the right plants for your pot, even the best gardeners on your block will take note. So, what better way to bring in summer than with a new addition to your garden!

We hope this guide has given you all the information you need, but if there are still some unanswered questions, our blogis at hand to answer them. As a planter manufacturer, we know how important quality and good value are for planters and that’s why we chose Vietnam to manufacture our pots.

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