Planter Divider Ideas for You, Your Office, and Even Your Government

You’ve probably noticed how plants and planters are pushing their way back into our daily lives, and for good reason too.

The benefits of plants are abundant, but what are the advantages of using planters? And how do they fit into an already busy office or commercial space?

Well, you’d be surprised how effective they can be at turning chaos into tranquillity and making modern living as utopian as currently possible.

How are trends changing?

Many industries are reassessing how they are dividing and utilizing their commercial spaces. For example, restaurant owners have had to totally redesign how patrons dine and enjoy their food with a minimum dining distance set at 6ft apart. More individual space is required for customers, and office workers, not only due to the recent pandemic crisis but also in response to organic consumer trends. And these are widespread:

  • City planners are using plant pots to divide spaces to increase order and create a more visually appealing city environment.
  • Offices are using stylish planter ideas to redraw spaces that were once ugly or unutilized and forging new contexts for people to work, relax or have meetings in.
  • Residential architecture is focusing on clean and sustainable living by incorporating plants into functional living spaces
  • Governments are setting carbon capture targets and are mandated to increase the number of plants and plant diversity in the heart of urban areas.

Case-in-point examples:

Using planters to create relaxing areas
Using planters to create relaxing areas ©Microsoft Redmond Campus

Microsoft use plant pot dividers and air purifying plants such as the Snake Plant to draw lines between work and pleasure in their Redmond Campus.

WeWork, one of the fastest-growing shared working spaces have built their offices with plant dividers. Allowing their clients room for thought, discussion, and for thinking-outside-the-box productivity.

WeWork Shared Office Space
WeWork shared office space ©WeWork Office

Upmarket restaurants such as the Manicomio restaurant in London optimize the simple plant pot divider to create a welcoming and comfortable area for diners.

Restaurant uses plant pots to make a comfortable dining area
Restaurant uses plant pots to make a comfortable dining area ©Lisa-Blue / Getty Images Signature

Why use planter dividers? – Features and benefits

It’s a common misconception to think of plant pots as just containers; in reality, it is more of an art form to create a green and functional area. To help you keep up with modern design trends, here are some planter divider ideas:

Create social distancing boundaries

Planters create social distancing boundaries

Planters to aid Social Distancing Measures rolled out across London ©Meristem Design

The need for distancing measures has paved the way for innovative ideas to carve up spaces in a discreet and stylish manner. Adding planter dividers not only produces a natural boundary but is also beautiful in its design. Spacing them out in intervals gives customers the subtle nudge to be spaced apart themselves.

Planter dividers are used for other kinds of distancing too, like designating areas for smoking, dividing the office into departments, or creating waiting areas at the front of restaurants.

Create privacy/visual screening

planters divide space
Planters divide space at the office ©Internet

Commercial planter dividers are perfect for creating new privacy barriers outside or within a commercial space. In the workplace, these dividers can create visual screening for employees who need some privacy from their peers whether it be in offices, meeting rooms, or conference rooms.

This technique can be used outside too by building an inviting outdoor area that induces feelings of peace and security while people relax on their break or have an impromptu business lunch.

Decrease stress with plant pot cubicles

barrier planters at office
Barrier planters at office ©Stewarts Office Plants Website

Stress in the office is something we have all felt. Sat in a cubicle with the feeling of the 4 tall walls closing in with not enough room to breathe, for some people, is daily life. We dream of walking through a big garden of vibrant color and exotic plants on vacation somewhere in the Maldives – or is it just me?

This is where the simple plant pot excels. Room dividers made of plants scratch the itch of workers dreaming of something more natural while keeping them at work. Not only that, but cubicle planter dividers make the room seem less cluttered and extend the room in the vertical space leading to feelings of an open and positive environment.

What increases productivity?

‘freedom to move things around’ and ‘reconfiguring the space to meet your needs’ – WeWork

Fiberglass planter at the office
Fiberglass planter at the office ©Jay Scotts

Commercial fiberglass planter dividers not only create a private space for employees to relax and re-energize, but also are light enough to move and re-configure when necessary. Planter room dividers have the ability to set specific areas for focus or for relaxation and stand out as fresh and different compared to the traditional wall.

Flexible and convenient

planter with castors
Planter with castors ©Internet

The beauty of using planters? They can be relocated to a different spot once the need for a specific area is no longer needed. Instead of disassembling cubicles or finding new ways to arrange hulking furniture pieces, you can simply move a planter to a new spot, and begin designing your new space around it. For convenience, castors can be installed on most planters to make it easier to move the room divider around when the configuration of the room needs to be changed.

The benefits of plants as a divider

Assorted houseplants in a greenhouse structure
Assorted houseplants in a greenhouse structure ©andykazie / Getty Images

Wait, we forgot to mention the plants!

Studies have shown that a lack of access to plants can cause stress and decreased productivity. The modern world accepts the need for green like our ancestors did. With a divider of plants, we hark back to the roots of our civilisation and their natural wisdom.

Some plants like the Snake plant also filter the air for chemicals and allergins. Placing plants around your office or home is one of the best ideas to increase health and wellbeing.

What types of planters can be used as a divider?

Divider plant pots can be a number of shapes ranging from very tall to very long and even small plant pots can be used to usher in a little order. Here are some green room divider ideas:

Using long rectangular planters

rectangular planter indoor
Rectangular planter indoor ©Jay Scotts

This is the classic substitute for a wall and to still keep the space open. The rectangular shape also provides perfect bases for furniture to be aligned against and make it easy to define traffic paths. They are also perfect for hedge plants that can grow tall and provide privacy.

Hanging plant room dividers

creative hanging plant room divider
Creative hanging plant room divider ©Internet

A hanging plant is essentially any free-flowing plant with foliage that cascades rather than stands tall and upright. Hanging plant pots are great to divide the room at eye level whilst stimulating visual interest.

Colorful plant pots

colorful planters at a resort
Colorful planters around a reposrt swimming pool ©Jay Scotts

In the home, garden, or even art gallery, plant pots can be used to make an entranceway look welcoming with a small splash of color against an otherwise boring wall. By using a plant pot of color to divide the space between entrance and exit, it’s easy for guests to spot important routes throughout your home or commercial space.

Small footprint plant pots

square planter on a table
©Jay Scotts

Tapered planter designs can be used in areas where floor space is tight and a little divider goes a long way. They can be used in open areas where a divider must be only symbolic and not physical, for example, the waiting areas of airports where people enter and exit in droves.

Add climbing plants as room dividers

Hanging plant room dividers
Room divider with plants next to bed ©KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

Trestles can be built to accommodate wall-climbing plants. As climbing plants grab hold, they eventually create a green privacy screen that is both beautiful, tall, and make for a vertical wall of wow factor. They are especially cool in large commercial spaces where features like this make customers stand back and appreciate the effort.

What are the best plants for your dividers?

Any plant can work as a divider, the limit is only your creativity, but here are some ideas:


Flowers wall
Flowers wall ©tokky / Getty Images

Walls of flowers are always pretty cool to see, and the smell of flowers is an even bigger advantage to your home, garden, or office.

Hanging plants

Hanging ivy plant
Hanging Ivy plant ©Angela Guthrie / Getty Images

Try hanging Ivy plants from a hanging basket, or let them grow up a wall in the room to really add the wow factor to your botanic design.

Gardening tip: go faux.

faux plant room dividers
Faux plant room dividers ©Internet

Sometimes there is not enough of a maintenance budget to have live plants, so go faux. There are many faux plant options that create a satisfying division without the hassle.


Sky Pencil Holly bushes
Sky Pencil Holly bushes ©Internet

Sky Pencil Holly bushes stand big and tall and work wonderfully as a physical divider in a rectangular plant pot. While some plants, such as Boxwoods are small, light, and outline your desired space with little puffs of green.

Arrangement ideas

arranging plants
Arranging sedum plants ©aloha_17 / Getty Images Signature

When arranging plants, try layering different plants in both the vertical sense and also in style. Go from bushy to long and straight to really add texture to your divider.

Another great way to make your room divider stand out as more than just a barrier is to use plants of different colors and shades. Remember to keep the architecture of the room in mind as not all plants work side by side with your decor.

How we can help you create a unique room divider solution in your home or office space

Together with our local distributors such as Jay Scotts in the USA and Greenville Planters in Canada, we offer a huge range of planters in sizes suited for any project. In addition, we also manufacture custom planters for specific purposes or for those wanting to develop their own product range.

Some clients know exactly what they want and just need our help creating it. But many times we will be asked to provide creative inspiration, design elements, layout suggestions or other design services. This is totally up to you, and we will work with you to let us know what works best for you and your project.

To get started on your own, you’ll want to think through your workflows, decide what areas you want to utilize, and set a budget for room dividers. This will help you create a safe and healthy environment for dining, working or collaborating with coworkers and clients.

For more design ideas our blog is the first place to start, or if you already know the planters that will work best for your project, it’s time to give us or our partners a call.

Are You Ready To Work With Us?

Whether you require bespoke planters tailor-made for your project or just want to get your hands on a supply of our world-class planters, reach out to our team today and let’s create something special!

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