How Flower Pots Are Made: A Sneak Peek at a Fiberglass Planter Factory in Vietnam

Creative Design Manufacturing is a wholesale manufacturer of the finest quality hand-made fiberglass planters. Durable and stylish, our pots are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and can enhance any commercial or residential space.

Our factory is located in Vietnam, in Binh Duong near the southern metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City. With easy access to various ports in Asia and a Western management style, we’re able to offer a balance of best business practices from the East and West.

Our energetic team of skilled engineers and artisans produces over seventy standard designs as well as many bespoke ones, allowing our clients to tackle all types of design projects. Join us for a virtual tour and see how flower pots are made at our brand-new factory!

Planter Production Steps

1. For every planter design, whether standard or custom, a mold is created in the exact size, shape, and dimensions of the final product. Unsurprisingly, the mold itself is also made from fiberglass!

2. The mold is filled with the correct ratio of fiberglass and high-quality polyester resin. To start with, resin is poured into the mold and evenly hand-brushed. Sheets of spun fiberglass are cut, shaped and inserted into the mold, and then more resin follows. The procedure is repeated until the desired size and shape of the planter are obtained.

3. After the planter has solidified in the mold, it is taken out and checked for any rough or protruding surfaces, then trimmed and left to dry. The average time needed for a planter to dry sufficiently is 3-5 days.

4. When the planter is hard enough, it is taken to the finishing department where our highly-skilled artisans finish it by hand meticulously. At this stage, the planter is trimmed of any excess material and sanded evenly to ensure that the planter’s surface is smooth.

5. The planter is then dusted off and painted with a red primer. This adds another waterproof layer to the planter and also gives us another opportunity to control the quality of the finish.

6. Depending on the order type and its destination, the planter is covered with our standard gray primer and/or the topcoat of your choice.

7. Dust is removed for the final time, the planter is packed and it begins its long journey to someone’s living room or office!

CDM Manufacturing Standards

In-house quality control

We handle all the quality checks during the manufacturing process from start to finish. This means that there is no third party involved along the way and we are able to fully vouch for the quality of our products.

A motivated team

Our team is currently made up of around 150 people. Our company structure is built around product quality control at each stage of the manufacturing process. Most of our employees have worked for us for a few years, they receive good benefits and treat each and every planter like their own artwork.

High production capacity

Our factory operates at the capacity of 20 shipping containers a month, with one container able to fit around 300 planters.

Made-to-order planters

We understand that certain projects require tailored specifications and we are ready to transform your particular planter design from concept to a finished product. All made-to-order planters are produced at our factory with the same top-quality materials as our standard planters, and they are all tested for quality as rigorously.

Competitive lead times and MOQ

Depending on your location, standard lead times are around 45-60 days to ship. Custom orders can take up to 90 days as they require precise 3D renderings and made-to-order molds for your tailored planters. Our minimum order quantity is a 20′ shipping container per order. Planter prices are not affected by the quantity ordered.

Finest Quality Wholesale Planters

Our extensive line of wholesale fiberglass planter products includes large-scale commercial planters in various sizes and shapes of traditional, transitional and contemporary designs. We work tirelessly to ensure that our fiberglass planters are not only the highest quality planters on the market but also the most progressive and elegant.

Our planters may be found in high-end upscale establishments in the United States as well as internationally, in all sorts of commercial enterprises, shopping malls, airports and educational institutions. Our products are well-liked and purchased by global planter wholesalers, development companies, large retailers, architecture and design firms and many others.

Fiberglass is one of the composite materials that we choose, be sure to check out why we use it!

Wonder how we can keep the price down and still get the best quality? You can find out here!

Are You Ready To Work With Us?

Whether you require bespoke planters tailor-made for your project or just want to get your hands on a supply of our world-class planters, reach out to our team today and let’s create something special!

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