Enhance Privacy of Outdoor Terrace

How to Enhance the Privacy of Your Building’s Outdoor Terrace or Patio

Employees, tenants and visitors tend to enjoy having access to an outdoor area where they can retreat to get away from the hustle and bustle for awhile, have a quick smoke or occasionally enjoy the weather. However, privacy can be a problem. Do you own or rent in a building that has an outdoor patio, terrace or deck that could use a little more privacy? Well, you’re in luck. Here are some of the best ways to enhance the privacy of your outdoor space without compromising its functionality or going over budget.

Privacy Panels

There are a wide range of privacy panels available at home improvement stores throughout the country. Asian-inspired panels are a great choice for spas, swanky salons and restaurants, while plain metal ones are ideal for industrial warehouses, corporate offices and nightclubs.


A trellis will not only add a touch of privacy to your outdoor space. It will also bring a bit of decorative appeal to the exterior of your building. Choose a simple crisscrossed trellis for general use or select a unique pattern for a customized look.

Container Walls

Another way you can improve the privacy of your deck, terrace or patio is by bordering it with a container wall. We happen to carry an assortment of large rectangular plant containers and plant troughs that you can use to add a breath of fresh air to your space and increase privacy. If you need extra height, we recommend evergreen hedges, bamboo, boxwoods or rose of Sharon.

Wooden Fencing

Some areas can benefit from having a wooden border fence installed. Just keep in mind that wooden fences are generally suggested for casual spaces such as neighborhood bars, ‘mom and pop’ dining establishments, etc. Although fences made out of luxury types of wood would look excellent just about anywhere.

Brick Walls

A brick wall would also look fantastic if your building has a rugged or industrial appeal. The best thing about brick is that it comes in a variety of shapes and colors, allowing you to create a custom design if desired.

Ivy Walls

Building a fence and then covering it with ivy is also a terrific idea if you want to enhance the privacy of your porch, balcony or deck. A few fast-growing crawling ivies that produce large leaves include English Ivy, Boston Ivy, Algerian Ivy and Persian Ivy.

Outdoor Drapery

Outdoor patios of restaurants, pool areas of hotels and resorts tend to choose large weather-proof curtains to section off certain spaces and supplement privacy for their patrons. These jumbo outdoor curtains are available in a variety of colors, textures, patterns, prints and sizes, so make sure you shop around.

Most of the privacy solutions listed above are fairly easy and rather affordable. If you think you might require a few plant containers or pots, don’t forget to check out our collections. We carry an expansive selection of top quality fiberglass planters for commercial spaces such as medical practices, corporate headquarters, high end salons, five star restaurants and more.

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